The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing shortcut, Proven to work by a 22 year old broke engineering student who made $50,000 in his first 18 months as an affiliate marketer 

"How to get held by the hand and make at least N15,000 per day or N450,000 monthly using simple ways you can just copy
(This is a mentorship program that will help you make your first sale or more) in 90days or less

Watch This video to see what is inside the APPM Mentorship

PS: If you need more information. clear all distractions and take the next 60seconds to see more details and results from me and my students

PSS: Make sure you read till the end, or you'll be missing out on a lot. I swear to you. you don't want to be that person!

My name is Praise Akinlami (No1 Affiliate marketing expert in Abuja)

If you are like me when I started, you are one of these people

- you are looking to jump on this affiliate marketing thing like others and see how you can possibly make more for yourself and be among the big guys

- you want an extra income or to start a business for yourself 

- you want to make yourself FREE from the hassle of poverty, or you just want to multiply your income

Then listen very closely and take away every distraction and listen to what i have to tell you in the next 7mins, this is where your life becomes better

No matter who you are, you can make a shit load of money if you follow the steps in the…

Affiliate Profit per Minute Mentorship

…Working whenever you want with whoever you want 

…Earning between 200k - 1million Naira Monthly 

Or 50k every week

or 15k everyday 

Even if your English is “poor”,

Even if you struggle in school,

even if people around you ( especially family and friends,

Don’t believe you will become anything in life.

Students made 789k in 39days

Made 114k in 2 days 

1.7M in Affiliate Commissions in one single week

In the last 120 days, I've helped 100s of beginners (regular everyday people... 

  • Students
  • unemployed graduates (especially)
  • under-paid employees, frustrated youths ... etc.)
  • with no affiliate marketing  experience,

go from Totally broke (0 Naira) to making at least 200k Naira monthly

Today, they have a life they, (and their loved ones) can be proud of…

And if you’re interested in

  • making good money writing from anywhere …
  • Just enough to live your life comfortably,
  • take better care of your loved ones,
  • and prove those that have been saying “No you can’t”

I can help you 

800USD (400k) in his first month, and really grateful to God

Joy (A Lady)  and a 200level student Made 150k in 13days

You were right all along 

It’s absolutely true. Anyone can make money online

  • Even if friends and family have written you off…
  • Even if you have no writing experience
  • Even if you’ve never been paid to write before
  • Even if your English is “not so good”
  • Even if you had poor grades in School (or dropped out ... Or didn't see the four walls of a university for that matter

Or if everyone around you is treating you with disrespect 

Asking you ... "What are you doing with your life?"

None of that matters.

  • Forget what anyone else says or thinks...
  • Forget what happened in the past
  • Forget what could have been...

The only thing that matters right now is your desire to change your story for good...

And if you can commit to following the simple steps inside … The affiliate profit per minute mentorship 

Soon enough, you'll look back and realize you have a completely new and different life… 

A life you (and your loved ones) can be proud of.

And the reason I can say that confidently is that...

Hundreds of my students now make N50k to N300K Monthly, with affiliate marketing, Starting from Scratch, With no Experience and No Huge Capital…

They can take care of themselves and say goodbye to their money worries

Let’s not even talk about Nelson who got himself an IPhone 11 Pro Max with the money he made from doing Affiliate marketing using just his phone [No laptop]

Amarachi - A medical Student who has done over 1million selling on WhatsApp without a laptop

17 year Old shouts as he makes cool money despite his young age - screams affiliate marketing is real

Samuel made 100k in his first week - he says its by the training and small grace

I’m confident I can help you.

In a minute I would show you…

  • How you can get started with this life-changing opportunity 
  • How to use this to make just enough money to shut the haters up
  • What exactly do you need to do to succeed in this, if you are already an affiliate but not making a lot of money yet…

But first, let me introduce myself again

My name is Akinlami Praise

And I'm favored to be considered the best affiliate Marketing expert In Nigeria’s Nations Capital, Abuja…

Chris Ani

CEO DabaSchool

Praise is a young guy you should have your eyes on, what he and his friends are doing is absolutely great

Caleb Nwanneka

Affiliate Marketing expert

Praise is the best marketer i've met, he knows this thing too well, I have learnt alot from him.

everyone should learn from him.

i forgot to mention his a great guy too, just try to be his friend

Akin Alabi

Founder NairaBet

Sharp guys Like this are the guys that do the real stuff. Captain(praise) likes to sell.

Andy Mukolo

Direct response Copywriter

go for it bro. your potential is limitless

Joseph Don

CEO kaizen academy

If it comes to affiliate marketing, Praise is the top guy

if you ever need to learn about affiliate marketing, he is  your guy

I’ve been in same space with the best in the game and jointly attended events with the market giants 

But you have to know, it wasn't always like that 

In 2020 I got dead broke (there was never a time I even had money, but this time I was too broke to relate with everything that had to do with money 

I was scared of the possibility of dying poor

Because it seemed as there was no future for me

I don’t know if…

  • If you've ever had people talk to you as if you don't know what you're doing with your life...
  • As if you're throwing your life away...
  • Even comparing you with your peers (or your siblings)

(EG: See, John is doing well now... you both left school same time. what are you doing with your life?)

Then you might understand why I desperately wanted to change my story... and prove I wasn't a failure...

So I started looking for a high-income skill that could pay me at least N500k naira every month (consistently…)

With the freedom to work from anywhere in the world

That’s when I stumbled on an ad that led me to a letter, [just like the one you are reading now]

And the change I was looking for, began…

Sure enough, the beginning was tough

But on like others, that take 5 to 6 months to go full-blown

In the next 4 to 5 weeks, I was already doing

A cool 150k monthly 

Not bad for a Broke Civil Engineering Student

Working while maintaining his first Class grade

(balancing work with schools or your current job is part of what you will learn when you become a student of the affiliate profit per minute)

Fast-forward today…

I’m making just enough money (way more than the N200k/month goal I set when I first started out....)

How to join the Affiliate Profit per Minute Program

The affiliate profit per minute plan is an advanced program for my Scratch to Cash affiliate (S2C) Program that saw over 1000 students in attendance in just the first 39 days, of which alert of them have applied what they learnt to go ahead and make a lot of money for themselves

My goal was to build a community of affiliate marketers as fast as possible 

To prove that…

  • You don’t need to do fraud to make money 
  • Anyone with a brain and internet can make a good income
  • We don't have to end up like some of our parents, we can be better!!!

But after a while...

I saw the need to Upgrade the program and  make it even more valuable than it already was

And I created something entirely new and called it Affiliate Profit per Minute Program (APPM)

— Its a program because 

The Program would be reviewed occasionally, Updated as time goes on,

and together (you and me) would build an army of affiliate experts making a good living for themselves

Here is you will get, when you enroll for the APPM Program

Value 1

Beginner friendly training on the basics of affiliate marketing

A Video training better than the one my s2c Students use to collectively make over 1 million naira in pure profit in their first 39 days 

A Glimpse of what you will be learning here

Value 2

APPM Plan for getting an unlimited number of people to buy your stuffs, Without being a referral junkie

Don't want to do all those referral stuff?

you're in the right place

Value 3 

Watch me find a product that can sell at least 100 units in a month with my intensive Product research plan…

What this means is, if the product pays about 20,000 naira in commissions, selling 100 units means,

You make 20,000 x 100 units = 2million in possible commissions (if my math is correct)

Value 4 

Short video pack exposing:  How to get people that are hungry for your Product and  how to avoid poor customers that give you stress and no money…

Watch me do market research and detailed targeting of my ideal customers that I wont have to break my neck for them to buy my stuff

Value 5 

Hot Testimonial Finding Strategies 

 how to find proofs that will encourage people to trust you even if you are a beginner and you are just starting out

Value 6 

How to get started making cool attention grabbing graphic designs for your marketing for FREE

Step by step guide with favor iluobe.

One of the finest young marketers I know, teaches you how to make really creative designs with your phone or laptop

Value 7

How to follow up every Customer by the throat, without pissing them off using the cool effective stealth approach

 We discuss the main reasons customers run from marketers and salespeople 

And how to appear as their solution even if they rejected you before 

Value 8

Short Video showing - The best affiliate Platforms that can never Crash and pays the craziest

I'll introduce you to platforms with the best products and and best markets 

Platforms with the fastest payouts 

Platforms that do not give their affiliates stories 

These platforms have passed the test of time 

All you have to do is go there and make your own cash and go.

Value 9

Video Walkthrough on How to nurture a list of people who trust and are willing to pay for all your products, no matter the price

Value 10

Video Compilation on - Consistency and Focus

Exactly What do you need to do to avoid the start and stop disease?

You'll find out here 

Value 11

What you need to do to get started - Putting it all together  (creating your first Campaign)


Understanding how much you are generating with the present advertising budget and how to double up

Value 12

How to make people trust you fast - Content marketing secrets exposed

Value 13

How to make everyone say yes to you - Closing Sales Hacks from the wolf of wall street - Jordan Belfort

How to close a sale using either dm or through sales pages (with a recorded conversation you used to close someone)

How to close sales using emails

How to use testimonials and social proof to close sales 

Additional materials like PDFs on the art of closing sales

Value 14

Instagram and Facebook Ads Domination - By Tolu Ads

How to use Facebook and Instagram ads to glue your customers, follow them everywhere, they wont know what hit them...

Value 15

Page Building masterclass + Recommended videos on how to build pages with WordPress and how to connect your WordPress with email marketing - By Alpha King

Value 16

Short video on Email marketing + Free email templates you can modify and use

Value 17

PDF: Customer Mind Hacks - Psychological materials and short books

teaching how to get in the mind of your customers 

see, by the end of your APPM plan, you'll understand that you have masters these 6 skills

  • Copywriting 
  • Advertising 
  • Page Building 
  • Sales Closing 
  • Generating Traffic 
  • Influencing How people respond to you
  • Email marketing 

 So even if you enroll and decide not to be an affiliate marketing expert any longer, 

You walk away with all these skills and keep all the program materials, these skills will enable you work in any field no matter what it entails 

Let's talk about the bonuses, because…

The Bonuses are even better


How to start from scratch with no money featuring Joseph Don


How to get Believable testimonials you can use to sell, even if you are a newbie  


Affiliate marketing using WhatsApp, for beginners QnA

Featuring Caleb Nwanneka


How to do affiliate marketing without anyone knowing and make a lot of money doing it - Anonymous Marketing


Monthly Performance review and Q and A Sessions With APPM Students

Where you ask me as many questions as you want, we share new ideas and strategies 


 You are Granted Access to my S2C exclusive training course and its community (the one that has over 1000 students present)

If you are a total newbie, this training would increase your scope to all the possibilities of affiliate marketing 

How to get started the right way and all that stuff..


Work, Side Hustle and Business balance 

If you are a 

  • Student
  • Working class person
  • Someone just looking for a side income 
  • Or some who wants to go full time 

This is exactly what you need

Here we discuss in depth how to…

  1. Balance your current job with affiliate marketing
  2. How to balance Academic School activities with affiliate marketing and how I have been able to maintain a first class grade while doing business in school.

This Special one called 

(Emergency Updates) - You can even REQUEST A LESSON

This is the part of the Program where you get to request anything you want to see added to the Program

this means if you want us to talk about  a new trending topic, it will be given to you as a student of the APPM Program

You won't get this any where else....

people i don't really know, make money from this stuff,

As you can see, what I've tried to do is give you everything you'll need to succeed on this path...

Along with the guidance and support too

Plus... these resources are easy to study

There's even a guide on how to study (and implement)

To make it as easy as possible for you

So you're not confused on where to start...

Or what to do next

And remember, if you ever have any questions...

All you have to do is reach out to the support group

Now so yh…

"How Much to Enroll for the Affiliate profit per minute?”

Before i tell you the price

The decisions you make to change this status is half dependent on what life brings to you (Like opportunities like this)

Let's talk about ... how much you're investing to join The Affiliate profit per minute right now:

If we’re going to set a fair price for this

It shouldn’t be for anything less than $1,500 (750k naira)

After-all, we have seen some of my students make 200k in their first month

But I realize not everyone interested in joining us today will have $1,500 to invest right away....

Plus, I want to make this as affordable as possible for anyone interested in doing this

That's why today

I’m making this training available for 

N35,000 Only

Student laments how happy he feels taking my course😂

I'm sure you agree that, It only makes sense because you can make this same amount of cash when you make your first sale…

But before you sign up, please note :

Because of how good the strategies you will learn are, I can guarantee you will make back your investment in 90days or less, and if you don't, ill give you your money back, and mentor you for free for another 60days, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Long story short: You Can't fail if you out in the work and properly apply the strategies

if you are ready to get started changing your life

Click on the red button below

Best of luck, cheers 🥂

Praise A.

You might have more Questions, I answered them here... read further...

I'll try to answer some of the most frequent i get

Q1. Do I need a Laptop for this?

Ans:  If you don't have a laptop, you can do affiliate marketing effectively with just your phone. Its not a must to have a laptop for this

Q2. What if i'm a total beginner 

Ans: When you purchase the Affiliate profit per minute Program get access to my introductory well detailed course called Scratch to cash affiliate marketing course.

Which is a no bull shit in-depth course for beginners

  • You get it for free to guide you

245k earned in affiliate Commissions

Q3. Do What if I have a job or I'm a student

Ans: In bonus 7, we would discuss how you can balance work with affiliate marketing and also how students can make good cash doing affiliate marketing 

Q4. How Long until I make my first sale?

Ans: I can easily tell you that you'll make your first sale in your first month,

And I have proof to back up that kind of claim

In fact, many of the testimonials you see on this page are from regular beginners

But I'd be lying if I said I knew exactly when you'd make your first sale.

The only thing I can assure you is:

If you focus on implementing (ruthlessly and patiently) what I show you,

You will make a lot of money!!

Q5. Is the APPM fee the Only money i will have to pay?

Ans:  If all you have is the sign up fee, go ahead and sign up, because we will teach you how to make sales without running any ads (this is only recommended for beginners)

Q6. How Long Do You Think It Will Take Me to Finish Going through The Materials . . .before I start implementing ??

Ans: I'd say 14-days.... (that's the average time it takes most of my students ...)

But then...

What I've learned in all my years of teaching is:

People learn differently

So it might take you more or less (than 14-days) , depending on your learning speed...

But the good thing is...

Everything inside the APPM Program is easy to understand...

So I'd say go at your own pace (... using the implementation guide made available for you inside the program)

And if you have any questions… you can reach out to the community 

Q7. Should I be worried about affiliate marketing Crashing 

Ans: Simple answer is Nope.

Because when you understand that affiliate marketing is about buying and selling and you realize that buying and selling can never end. 

I'm sure now you know you are with a skill that will be valid forever

I'm confident you can follow in their footsteps... By implementing what you learn from my free stuff

Q9. Can I reach out to you Privately... if I have questions?

Ans: you can send messages to me directly but you might have to wait as while because I have thousands of messages to answer

But one thing I noticed is that I answer the questions on the support group even faster than Dms so I think seeing your questions to the support group aids faster response 

Q10. For How Long will I have Access to This program (And Everything Else you've Promised) ... Once I Sign Up Today ??

Ans: How does lifetime access sound?

Not bad right?

Hopefully, these answers were helpful

And if you're still interested in joining us...

To get all the guidance and support you'll need…

And have the kind of life you've always wanted...

All you have to do is click the button below

I'll see you inside.


Remember this could sell for $1000

and is still a steal at this price

Compared to what this program can do for you.

Whatever you decide... I wish you all the best.

(Price goes to 40,000 on July 31)

See More testimonials here

3 sales in one day

Being an inspiration to many is something im always happy about 

80k made

(Price goes to 40,000 on July 31)

Me on vacation In Dubai early this year

A photo of me and Czar Nnamani In an inner circle event 

Founder of NairaBet and I


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