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ABPM - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a writer to do this?

Answer: No

Apart from my enrollment fee, is there any other investment required?

Answer: No

Are you going to give me the books to upload?

Answer: No. The training will show you how to get FREE content that you can use to create a book without writing.

Can two or more people come together and pay for this training?

Answer: No. When we find out, we will expel you from the training and no refund will be granted.

What's the technicality involved in publishing the books?

Answer: There is an instructional video in the course that shows how to publish the books ( No special technical skill is required).

What knowledge is needed to be able to put books together in a way that they're interesting?

Answer: There is an instructional video in the course that shows how to do this with ease.

As I go through the training, if I need more explanation, how would I get assistance?

Answer: Yes. Send me an email with the email address you used in receiving the ABPM course.

Can I implement this program with a phone?

Answer: I advice against using a phone, because it might be stressful. I recommend you get a computer or window tablet.

How long can I make back my investment?

Answer: By the time you receive your first *FULL earning report you should have made back your investment by then. And from there onward you are just making free money. But Check the refund policy page for more details on this subject.

Does the training *include how to Upload on Amazon?

Answer: This training is not about Amazon KDP but it includes how to publish on Amazon

Is there a Facebook/Whatsapp support Group?

Answer: No. We have something even better, a personal tailored made support. You can send your questions to me via the email address used to receive the program .

When you send a question, always include your phone number. So that I can call you in case I need to give you an explanation over the phone.

But make sure you send your mail with the email address you used in receiving the ABPM course.

Is this training a live classroom training or an online webinar?

Answer: ABPM is a prerecorded step by step instructional video teachings. It is not a training that is going to happen in a physical class or on a webinar.

After you enroll, you will be granted Access to the ABPM prerecorded step by step instructional video teachings.

Is this method really working?

Answer: Have you or do you know anyone who has bought a book before? If yes, then this method is still working.

ABPM is a teaching on how to release books that sell without writing them yourself.

The day all physical and online bookstores folds up WORLDWIDE, that's when this method will stop working.

Until then, there is money to be made in the online book publishing business.

How does the book generate the money?

Answer: The books make money when someone buys it.

Do I need to advert the books for them to sell?

Answer: No advert or promo is required.

How will the book sell without adverts?

Answer: The answer to that question is inside the ABPM training.

I want to know if this is something that can cater for a family man or woman.

Answer: Yes. The more books you upload the more you will earn.

How many books can I complete in a day?

Answer: This depend on the time you spend on your project.

As a new student, after watching and understanding how the process works, you should be able to complete a book in a day.

As you master the process, you can do between two to three books per day if you dedicate yourself to it.

Does the creator of this program have an office?

Answer: Yes . But, please, before you come over, make sure you have an appointment. ( All our customer support is offered online, just like Jumia, JIji, etc.)

Office address:
Anthony Ogunde
Hardwire Techline Online Marketing
3 , Olu Koleosho Street, Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

I still don't understand what ABPM is all about, tell me more.

Answer: ABPM is a training that shows how to put a book together and make money from it, without writing the book yourself. And because no writing is required, it because very easy to publish a lot of books very quickly, which pumps up your earning potentials.

Is my earnings guaranteed and if I don't earn after following your instructions to the later, will my enrollment fee be refunded?

Answer: A big fat Yes. See our earnings and refund guarantee right here for more details.


"The Auto Book Pay Method Program" Is Covered By Anthony Ogunde's Refund Policy As Seen Below

Let me make it clear as spring water. You will have to upload at least 50 Books.

When all your 50 Books have been published in all the sales channels and available to be bought by customers...

...then you will start counting 30 days from that day.

During this 30 days is when I expect you to make at least $100.

For example:

Your last book was published in all the sales channels on the 31st of March.

You will wait for 30 days all though April. Then you will be paid between on the 14th and 17th of May. And from there, you will be paid every month going forward.

If you don't make at least $100 during your first payment as promised, then, you will get your enrollment fee back.

But. I might request that you give it one more month just to be %100 sure, because sometimes the books don't get into the catalog soon enough.

If after this one month extension, the result is still same, then, send me your account details and get your refund without delay.

Just so you know, I have been working with students for years, and not once have we had a reason to refund anyone.

Everyone who followed the training was pleasantly pleased with the results they got. And your case won't be different. I am here to help you.

But if your results is the opposite of what I promised you, you will get your refund swiftly.

I hope this is clear.

Now, get to work.


This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is not a Ponzi scheme like MMM.

It is not gambling either.

ABPM is like every other legitimate business that takes diligence, dedication and determination to get good results.

I am not promising you that you will become rich overnight.

Apart from "pregnancy" nothing good happens overnight.

Lastly, take note, this site is not a part of Facebook or Google.

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