If you ever lost money Online Before  and Looking for a Legit Way to Make 300k, 400k and More Every  Month Online, Then this is for You!!!

How A 400 Level Student In Uniben Lost All is Life Savings Including His School Fees and Later went on to Start a Business that has Now Made Him Over ₦29 Million  in the Last 24 Months With Just A SmartPhone

This Will Work For You Even If:

  • You don’t know how to sell Online
  • You don't Have Upfront Capital
  • You are a Busy 9-5 worker  
  • You are a Student

I cried my eyes out when I logged into my online account and saw that my account balance was zero.

I have always told my friends that nothing has ever made me cry but this one actually got to me and I didn't know when I started crying.

How did it happen? I asked myself with my hands on my head.

This  is a business I started with all the money I have been saving for years doing menial jobs including my 400L school fees.

How do I tell my aunt? What do I tell her happened to the school fees she gave me? I couldn't even tell my parents because they were peasant farmers and could barely afford 3 square meals a day.

My Aunt was the one seeing me through school and she actually struggled before giving me this school fees 

And Now What?


I didn't just lose all the money I have ever saved but I have also lost my school fees. The more I thought about it, the more I cried. I started to think that it was a spiritual problem, that my village people where after my life...


Even before this failed business, I tried one online platform called icharity. My friends said they paid 6500 to get started and have both received 19500 naira each.

After they showed me the money, I registered with 6500 but when it got to my turn to receive my own money guess what happened?

Yes, you guessed right, It crashed.

I have heard about Ponzi Schemes like MMM and how it crashed. What I didn't know was that, Icharity  was another Ponzi Scheme and I was a victim.

I was so angry and that me afraid of anything about online Marketing

After that experience, Anywhere I hear about Online Business, I just walk away and leave the place.

Few weeks  after this experience, my friend's dad was able to secure a good place for me to do my 400l 6 months internship.

From there, I was being paid 15k per month so I was able to save some money to start my mini - importation business but that also failed because...

 I didn't  have enough knowledge required  to be successful in the business. 

And so I was back to square one. I didn't have my school fees and I didn't have any savings left. 

I couldn't tell my aunt or parents because my parents were peasant farmers and my aunt actually struggled before giving me such amount.

So I was really devastated. It was almost like I was never going to get out of the state I was, broken and helpless.

Because I thought my problem was a spiritual problem, I started going to church and praying more often.

One Sunday in church as the pastor was preaching, I was on my phone scrolling through Facebook and I saw  a post on Facebook that introduced me to a business model in December 2017.

The first day I saw the post I didn't really pay attention to it because I was In Church and again, I thought It was another Ponzi Scheme Like the one's that have crashed before in 2018.

The following day, I saw the post again while on my bed in the school hostel and I decided to do more research on Google about the business model.

I also did MTN night plan that very night and went on Youtube to learn more about the business model.

After doing my research on Google and Youtube I discovered some good things about the business model. I  learnt that this business model is not a Ponzi scheme and all I needed to do is learn how it works, work hard and I will be making money from it.

Even After my research on Google and Youtube  I was still doubting because of my past experiences but because I was now praying more, I decided to just have a little faith and believe that it will work for me.

And Now in the Last 24 Months, This Business Has Now Made Me Over ₦29 Million And Made it Possible  for me to live The Life Of My Dreams...


AMS Is Created Using This Same Business Model 

and if You Read The Rest Of This Letter, I Will Not Just Show

 You What It Is But Also Show You How To Get it. 

It's  also important that you know that this business model has not just helped me live the life of my dreams. But has also enabled me to help other people start this business model and be successful at it. Here is what some of my top students have to say:

Here is what some of my top students have to say: 

Toluwani Onadele

"I started affiliate marketing before I met Joseph Jostle but the business wasn't going well as I wanted but with the help of his  training I was able to make over ₦19 million in 2022 alone.  Thanks Coach Joseph "

OluwaSeun Martin

"I used to work in the bank but my salary was barely enough for me, I wanted more so I signed up to learn affiliate marketing from my boss Joseph Jostle and so far I have been able to make over ₦2.5Million."


There are  many more testimonials like this , but I can't share all here to avoid wasting your time.

While I am eager to share with you how you too can start this business model, how to join the AMS community and start earning like my students above, allow me to kindly introduce myself, Ok?


My name is Joseph Abokhai But I'm Popularly called Joseph Jostle

I'm a 27-years-old internet marketer that has made over ₦29 Million in the last 24 months but this has not always been the case for me. 

Like I explained above, I have been through Hell at the hands of sapa, but this business model I am about to share with you was the game changer for me. 

So if you are struggling currently with actually making money legitimately or you are Just looking for something legit to do online that you can start earning from in the shortest time possible, then this business model  is for you.


You probably have heard about it. Maybe you were part of the people that called it a scam and would never do it. 

I totally understand you because maybe the people who told you about it did not explain it plainly in a way you can understand.

Affiliate Marketing is not a referral program or a bring one person to bring two people before you can earn type of business.


There are a lot of people making it look like that but it's Not. So let me explain

Let's say your uncle wants to sell a car

And then your friend wants to buy a car… you told him the spec of the car your uncle wants to sell and he said he’s interested.

 You took him to your uncle and your uncle sold the car to your friend.

 Your uncle will give you a cut as a thank you for helping him sell the car.’

 And that cut is called a commission in the affiliate marketing industry.

 It can be 20%, 30%, or even 50% commission.

 Do you understand it now?

Affiliate marketing is simply recommending useful and helpful products to people who need them and can afford them.

So what we do as affiliates is find a product that is helpful to people or that can solve a problem that a lot of people have then we recommend it to people to benefit from the product.

Once they buy, then we get paid some money called Affiliate commission.

Do you understand that now?

Why do we need a product that is helpful to people you might be thinking? You only recommend a product that is helpful to people because people only buy what they want.

And what they want is something that must be helpful to them. So I hope you understand this too? This sounds sweet and simple, right? yeah…

Yeah but it's not that simple. I faced a lot of problems when I started like:

  • How to find good products?
  • How to find people to recommend this product to?
  • How to  make people interested and want to buy this product?
  • How do I get paid?
  • How do I make a lot of money just like this top affiliate?

These and many more were things I had to figure out. I know how hard it is to figure it out by yourself.
I figured it out and tried a lot by myself with no mentorship, No guidance, Nothing.

It was Just me doing trial and error. But I am glad, I figured it out by myself. A lot of time and resources were wasted in the process but what's important is that I figured it out.

AND after figuring it out, I Started Making Over 300k in a Week, From 300k, I Started Making Over 500k Every Single Week... 



Now That I have figured it out, I want to also hand over everything I figured out to you so that you can as well learn it and get similar results. 



AFFILIATE MARKETING SUPREMACY (AMS) is Your Roadmap to Making ₦300k, ₦400k, and more Every Month with Affiliate Marketing Business. It contains everything I have learned doing affiliate marketing for over 5years. It is a Step-by-Step video training that can help anyone ready to start making at least ₦300k monthly with Affiliate Marketing Through progressive learning.

 Everything I know today about affiliate marketing, I didn't learn them in a day. I learnt it over a period of 24 months through trials and errors that is why you need step-by-step lessons to learn the business perfectly.

By getting the AMS you don't need to go do trials and error on your own before you succeed with affiliate marketing but by implementing the strategies in the Affiliate Marketing Supremacy (AMS), you can learn it quickly and start getting good results in the shortest time possible.

New Students who bought this Affiliate Marketing Supremacy (AMS) and belong to the AMS community are already making Money from using AMS.



Here is What you Will Be Getting Once You Get The  Affiliate Marketing Supremacy Today


Module 1: The Right Mindset to Have To Make Millions From This Business 

Mindset is everything in life that's why In this module, I am going to be showing you how to reconfigure your mind to make millions from this business.

If your mind is fixed on just making a couple thousands then it's going to be difficult for you to breakthrough and make millions.

So in this module I will teach you how to think like millionaires and how to actually become a millionaire by removing fear and disbelief from your mind and finally be able to increase your productivity and sell confidently. 


Module 2: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Account Setup

Whether you are just getting started with affiliate marketing or you have been into affiliate marketing before, You want to actually watch this particular module.

The introduction I gave here, will give you a well ahead advantage over other people in this business. 

Here I explained the sole responsibility of an affiliate Marketer and how to carry them out effectively step by step to rake in lot of money.

I also went ahead to show you how to setup your affiliate account properly and setup a way for you to get paid once you start receiving payment.


Module 3: Product Research & How To Get Lead Magnets

Many affiliate marketers both beginners and some that call themselves coaches just jump into promoting a product because they heard or someone told them the product is selling. Noooo

If you want to succeed in this business, you must be able to do your own market research properly and that's why in this module:

 I will be teach you the evergreen niches to go into

How to pick a hot selling product in each of these Niches

What lead magnets are and how to get lead magnet for the products you pick without creating it yourself.



Module 4:  How To Generate Millions Using AMS Sales Funnels

The super affiliates who make millions monthly with affiliate marketing all use what is called sales Funnels.

In this Module, you will learn what sales funnels are and the exact sales funnel that I have used in the past and keep using to generate millions with this affiliate marketing business.

I also explained why this sales funnel works so well so you properly understand every stage of the funnel


Module 5: Secret Platform For Generating Organic Traffic ( Free Traffic)

In module 6, I explained The best place to get free quality traffic. In this module I actually share with you a secret free traffic platform where you can get high targeted leads for free.

When I started my affiliate marketing business years back and didn't have money to run advert, this was the same exact free traffic source I started with and made about 700k with it.

SO in this  module I showed:

  • How the platform works
  • how to setup your account for success on the platform
  • The 2 best strategies to get at least 100 quality leads daily on the platform


Module 6: Whatsapp Organic Traffic

In this module, you will learn how to get quality free organic traffic on whatsapp. As you may or may not already know, whatsapp is not a lead generating platform, but in this module I will share with you:

  • how to turn your Whatsapp into a lead generating platform
  • And What I call the Whatsapp lead multiplier effect to get at least 100 leads daily on whatsapp


Module 7: Facebook Free Traffic

In this section I will show you how to get free traffic on Facebook without spending a dime on Facebook advertisement.

In this module I show you:

  • how to properly setup your Facebook profile for business
  • How to do your Branding
  • How to Build and Use KLT to get leads and sales
  • How to create contents that build relationships
  • How to get leads on Facebook


Module 8: Whatsapp Marketing

In previous module, I shared how Whatsapp is a crucial part of our sales funnel. So in this module you will learn:

  • WhatsApp automation
  • How to save the contacts of everyone that will be coming to your whatsapp with just 2 clicks of a button
  • Where to get contents to follow up on your status
  • How to follow up in DMs
  • Understanding what makes people buy and how to trigger it on Whatsapp


Module 9: How To Build High Converting Landing Pages

In this module you will learn how to create high converting landing pages for any product you pick to promote without touching any line of code. Here is what I covered in this module.

  • How to set up a domain and hosting
  • How to install thrive architect with already high converting sales page templates
  • How to draft good copy for the lead magnet you want to give your customers
  • How to design your page
  • How to model landing pages that are already converting
  • How to connect your whatsapp to your landing pages so prospect can easily message you and become leads.

If you are to hire someone to do this for you, they will charge you nothing less than 75k but you will ne learning how to easily do this yourself.


Module 10:  Facebook Paid Traffic Generation

A lot of people who begin this affiliate marketing business are always afraid running Facebook adverts and that is because they don't fully understand how Facebook works. That is why in this module, I will also be showing you:

  • How Facebook works from a user's perspective to an advertiser's perspective. Understanding this will prevent your business manager from getting restricted
  • How to properly setup a Facebook business page
  • How to create your business manager and ad account  in Naira so you don't face dollar limitations, get failed payment and eventually get your ad account/business manager  banned
  • How to run high-converting Facebook ads
  • How to target quality audience 

AND Once You Are Done With The AMS Course...

You will be able to Make hooge amount of money Monthly from this affiliate marketing business and when I mean hooge amount, I'm talking 6-7 figures Monthly AND NOT JUST  for one product but for any product that you decide to promote.

You will also find it easy to generate both organic and paid traffic for any product that you want to promote.

Also as a bonus you will be getting access to my AMS community and this alone is worth ₦255,000

AMS is not like the regular plain courses you see everywhere. It is value packed and that is why if I were to charge you ₦400k for it, It will be very fair because it is worth even more.

But Don't worry you won't be paying ₦400k. Not even half of it (₦200k). So i know you are eager to know how much it is then...

₦120,000 + ₦255,000 = ₦375,000. That is the total amount of everything you are going to be getting from the AMS course once you Get it Today..

 But I know that the country is hard and everyone is trying their best to make ends meet. Even though what you are getting in this AMS course is actually worth over the 700k, It will be unfair to actually charge you that.

And it would still be too high if I even charge you half of that but You are not going to be paying half of that amount and for now not even 100k.

So it's Just going to be ₦25,497 only, but note that once the count down expires price goes up.

₦25,497 ONLY



  I really Do want you to succeed in This Business...

And that is why I have prepared these 7 awesome bonuses for you. 

Even though all the modules in the AMS course and community is all you need to start making 300k, 400k to a million Naira, and more monthly, I have put together these bonuses to make the journey a whole lot easier for you.

So make sure to implement them too and they will always make you smile to your bank.

So here are the bonuses:

Bonus 1:
Worth ₦255,000
The AMS Community

When I started my online journey many years ago, I struggled with many things and I didn't have anyone to ask questions and learn from. Most of the courses I bought didn't have any group where you can ask questions if you are lost.

I know what it feels like not to have anyone to ask questions when you need to. YES, The AMS course has been prepared in such a way that everything you ever need is in it. 

But I know that not everyone learn at the same pace and at some point, you will definitely need like minded people to talk and interact with...

And That is why I have created the AMS community. Apart from having access to me in the community, You will also meet top Affiliates who have and are still doing millions on a Monthly basis with affiliate marketing.

We are family in AMS community and we treat everyone equally, even myself I tell My students to always call me by my name Joseph Jostle and not Boss. So we can all relate as equals and family and this priceless family you will be getting access to. 

Bonus 2: Worth ₦300,000
Biweekly Live Support Classes

This bonus is another hoooge one.  Because I want something hooge to be hitting your bank account every single week that is why I have set aside  live support classes every 2 weeks...

In these live support classes which will be live video training, I will be holding you by the hand to teach you new things that are currently working for me.

In one of the classes  every month, We will research a hot selling product together, and I will show you how to promote it from start to finish.

So you don't always have to stick to one product that everyone else is promoting. This is hooge because you can't get this anywhere else except with The AMS course.

WORTH ₦63,000
Irresistible Offer MasterClass

In this Bonus, I showed how to create Irresistible offers. 

Offers that your prospects cannot say No to. Many people think that by just giving discounts they are creating Irresistible offers.  

Some even lose almost all their commissions all in the name of giving discounts and that is why I'm going to be teaching You how to create offers that your prospects cannot say NO to, and  without using discounts so that you can still keep all your affiliate commissions.

Bonus 4
WORTH ₦25,000
Objection Handler Masterclass

This Bonus is one that if you were to buy for yourself you will need to pay at least ₦25k.

It's an entire course on it's own that will teach you how to handle Objections that prevent your potential customers from saying YES to you and buying your product.

After going through this you will know exactly how to handle any sales Objections.

Bonus 5:
WORTH ₦15,000
Graphic Design Training

In this bonus you will be learning how to create professional flyers for any product that you want to promote.

Instead of  paying 3-5k to designers everytime you want a flyer for an advert, you can learn how to create a professional one yourself  and keep the money to run adverts and get more leads instead.

Here is Recap of Everything You Will Be Getting:
  • THE AMS COURSE (Worth ₦120,000) 
  • BONUS 1: THE AMS COMMUNITY (Worth ₦255,000 ) 
  • BONUS 5:  GRAPHIC DESIGN TRAINING (Worth ₦15,000)  

TOTAL WORTH: ₦778,000 ?

But Like I said, You are not going to be paying that amount.

You are not even going to be paying half of it because I really don't want money to be a reason why you don't make it this year. So it's Just going to be ₦25,497 ONLY BUT NOTE THAT oNCE THE COUNT DOWN EXPIRES PRICE GOES UP.

₦25,497 ONLY


So You May Want To Ask, Why Is It Soo Cheap?

To be honest with you, I invested so much time to put this course together. And as you have also seen from the bonuses attached to it, I will also be investing even more time to give live support classes as well. So what does that tell you?

I want to see you succeed, that is the major reason why I created this course. I had a lot of people sending me messages and calling that I should "SHOW THEM THE WAY".  Most times  I had to joking say "Jesus is the way".

But then the number of people who wanted to know my way grew more and more every day and that is when I finally made up my mind to create this AMS course

But YES there is also a personal reason why I created the course and this one is a selfish reason

I want you to go through this AMS course, implement it and  make a lot of money with it so it's easy for me to get testimonials from you.

I am not one of those that make up testimonials. That's why all the testimonials on this page you will see the people's face and their full name and exactly how much they have made for themselves. 

So those are the reasons why I have decided to make the course so cheap but note that this won't be for a long time so take action and get it now. 

100% Satisfaction! 

 30-Days Conditional

Money Back Guarantee 

Let me make it clear that if you just intend to buy this course, just watch it and not implement it, then please don't buy. This course will only work for you if you are ready to buy it, learn all that I have thought and do it for yourself. Only when you do what is in the course that you will get the results that you  see my students get.

With that been said, If you get the AMS course and implement what is inside for 30 days and it doesn't work for you or you don't get results ( which is not possible if you do what I have thought in the course),

Just show that you have implemented everything in the course and it doesn't work for you and I will refund you your complete money and even compensate you for wasting your time...

But That is likely not going to happen because lot of people have used AMS course to make lot of money for themselves and below is what they have to say...

Here's What Mr. Frank  And Mr. Golden Are Saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need To Get Started  With My Affiliate Marketing Business Today?

Would I Need to Pay Any Other Money  After I Purchase This course?

Will This Work For Me & How Are You Sure?

How Soon Can I Get Results With The AMS Course? 

How Long Will It Take For Me To Learn It?

After Payment, What Next?

Here is Recap of Everything You Will Be Getting:
  • THE AMS COURSE (Worth ₦120,000) 
  • BONUS 1: THE AMS COMMUNITY (Worth ₦255,000 ) 
  • BONUS 4:  Objection Handler Masterclass (Worth ₦25,000)  
  • BONUS 5:  GRAPHIC DESIGN TRAINING (Worth ₦15,000)  

TOTAL WORTH: ₦778,000 ?

But Like I said, You are not going to be paying that amount.

You are not even going to be paying half of it because I really don't want money to be a reason why you don't make it this year. So it's Just going to be ₦25,497 ONLY BUT NOTE THAT oNCE THE COUNT DOWN EXPIRES PRICE GOES UP.

₦25,497 ONLY



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