When You Register For The Affiliate Income Pilot Blueprint(AIPB)...

Here’s everything you’ll be getting…

Here, I’ll help you work on your mindset and get it in the right state it needs to be in if you must succeed on this journey. I will also teach you how to set financial goals and smash them.

Here you will get to understand affiliate marketing and all that it entails.

Once you have understood the concept of affiliate marketing, the next step will be to choose a product(s) you will be promoting and I will show you how to pick products the market is hungry for.

Your success in the affiliate marketing(or any business) is largely dependent on the type of funnel you set up. And in this module, I will be showing you experts’ secrets to setting up funnels that generate millions in sales.

Here, you will be learning how you can build massive organic traffic from WhatsApp, convert strangers into buying customers and make crazy sales with your WhatsApp.

In this module, I will show you the type of lead magnets you can use to get thousands of quality leads.

If you want to convert visitors into strangers effectively, then your landing page has to be highly converting and I will show you how to do just that.

If you are starting this business without a lot of money to spend on ads, the easiest way to start making money from this business is with organic traffic. But to get the best out of organic traffic, there are some secrets you need to know and I will be spilling all of them in this module.

When you have made enough money to run ads, or even if you want to get in and start with paid traffic, I will teach you how you can run ads on Facebook and Instagram with your smartphone or laptop.

Building your own email list is another way of making money in your affiliate marketing business and I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step everything you need to do to set it up.


You will learn how to craft attention-grabbing content and copy for your affiliate marketing business.

Here, you will see the easiest way to design graphics that draw attention to your business and make you unforgettable.

I will show you how you can make money in dollars with affiliate marketing. I will show you platforms you can use to achieve this for yourself.

There is no limit to how much you can make in this business if you learn how to become a master closer and I will teach you how to overcome any objections and close sales like a pro.

One of the fastest ways to make more money for yourself and win gifts like cars, Iphones, and even all-expense-paid trips is to win sales challenges. I have qualified for all the sales challenges on Expertnaire(an affiliate platform) and I will show you all the shortcuts you can use to do that. 

If you are going to be using WhatsApp to run your affiliate marketing business, then you will be running WhatsApp classes and I will be handing you the blueprint I use in getting my groups filled up fast and hosting masterclasses that convert to sales.

This is where I make sure you get all the help you need and answer all of your questions. You have the opportunity to connect with other great minds like yourself and get extra support from them.


Plus you get access to the bi-weekly classes I will be holding just to help review your funnel, and show you what’s working and what is not just to make sure you win.

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