You have been left behind

And it is not by a small margin

Give your undivided attention to everything I am about to tell you next which also includes answers to your questions.

I hope you can do just that, here is why:

Gabriel on what you are missing out on

So if you would like to catch up, then I’m your guy for that and I only need <10 minutes

Gabriel’s understatement: You are 100 miles behind your expected success.

My statement: You can spend less while making more? and it’s greater than 100 miles gap

How are you left behind?

I will prove this in 3 points.
You don’t know that:
  1. 32% of brands and businesses(X) you have seen going from around 10-100k to At least a million per month use AI for their businesses or even over 80+ businesses(Y) are powered by AI.
  2. 50% of content online won’t be by humans by 2026 and currently 20% isn’t by humans.
  3. According to multiple researches, coding, note-taking, will cease to exist by 2026.
Let’s assume you are part of the X% and Y% respectively(which you probably aren’t), behind you still are
Advancement happens everyday, and in your case, you are still in 2019…

Do you know about CHATGPT and it’s possibilities?

OR still unsure?

Grade yourself out of 100, One yes to one of these 10 questions gets you 10 points.
  1. Are you part of those % we mentioned before?
  2. Do you still spend money on flyer designs, video/image designs AND editing?
  3. Do you have a website that showcases you and parses authority for your potential clients?
  4. Do you suck at content creation for your business?
  5. Do you suck at content creation for your business?
  6. Do you still suck at finding audience or targeting the right audience for your business?
  7. Do you still struggle with landing clients let alone land high-paying clients?
  8. Or wait, you are not the #1 in your niche and you are behind competitors?
  9. Please don’t tell me you don’t have a solid business/skill that makes you at least 100k-200k per month? if yes, just skip the rest of the questions…
  10. Or are you still paying thousands of naira to learn skills you are not even sure you will be able to monetize?

DO YOU STILL USE CODE or even believe that anyone still codes or wait, even worse you still think learning html,css, php, java , etc is the right thing to learn, in this age? Really?!?

That is like learning: "How to use button phones in the era of voice commands"

Okay let us stop there, grade yourself, if your score is anything above 40/100. Behind is an understatement.

But soon, you will go from Yes or 40/100 to no's/not anymore/never again.

Emmanuel, a student struggling that got access to the solution to being behind, you will learn more about him soon

Time to get you up to speed.....

But before I do, you are wondering who I am?

I am Ayinde Yakub Omotosho (AYO) mostly referred to as MAV..

I have generated:

  •  300+ professional designs without a graphic designer
  • 100+ professional marketing videos without a video editor.
  • 5 full e-commerce websites and multiple landing pages without being a web designer
  • 100+ professional high paying copies without being a copywriter and many more.

In total, saved 5 million naira in business investments

How I do it? You will know! but hey, you can call me mav for now…

Favour on how he met me

Gabriel, the one that told you about the 100 miles behind

hold on….. A little story about how I was left behind, just like you, before getting up to speed and sharing how others can too.

This, along with a smug emoji was the reaction one of my online friends that was close to me gave me when he found out I was creating content the same day I lost my immediate a very close family member at 19 years of age.

Whether you agree or disagree with what Ayomide told me, my response would challenge whatever your decision was.

I was obsessed with the wrong thing at the time(money), whether it was a good or bad time was up to me. I also used this quote that’s been my wing lifter for years.

“FIRST STEP IS ACCEPTANCE”. The faster you accept whatever your situation/condition is, the faster you are able to move on and do the more important stuffs.


And the hard truth for anyone that’s been/going through grief is that you have to find a way: to accept it and to turn your pain to positivity.

Success is not just the best revenge, it’s the best status of life in terms of positivity.

IT has many friends, failure has none. Hence why you must redirect your immediate pain after acceptance to thread this path.

But here is the problem, we are still humans, and whether or not you can relate with grief or loss, you must have in one way or another have emotions
(what makes you humane) get in the way of your business, e.g. tiredness, real life tasks, etc. Most common form being writer’s block.

The day I lost my brother, I wish I had access to everything I know now. It would have saved me from having tears drop on my face from my personal loss while I think of what to write to make them buy. So I pushed and made extensive research and relentless application to turn my “I wish” to reality … what happened next was very surprising for me. I got the best out of the intelligence with no emotions, weariness and infinite potential IN A MONTH. All of which are full attributes of you and me. More importantly, Just like you have seen before I have also helped other lucky people like you get the best out of it too.

STORYTIME OVER, IT's 100 miles time

(yes, you guessed right, to get you up to speed, to turn your yes to nos).

In 7 images by 7 different people in 7 different statements, here is your solution:

According to them; the solution, business scaler, skill teacher, oil of money, life-changer, to get you up to speed, to put you ahead of others.....But that isn't all

If you read all that, but still doubting, or you don't believe in opportunities or wizards?

Then keep reading

Peter, a dream come true

For me and many others like them, the 3 least impact of using the AI and businesses is:

  • Starting a new big business entirely based on AI or scaling our old businesses.

  • Our businesses getting 10X better in efficiency, revenues and awareness.

  • Reducing the stress that goes into business by at least 65%.

  • Saving business investments into skills like graphic design, website design, etc.

  • Creating time freedom for us business owners.

Enough about AI for a minute

You have noticed my students talking about a particular marketing section?That is because AI alone is not enough if the human using it sucks!

And that is why the bonus to this course alone includes
3 courses
 merged into 1 that is at least



  1. Online/Digital Marketing 505

  2. Social Media Leveraging for Marketing

  3. Infinite Content Creation without writing any content

I could go on about how life transforming each of these are but hear from Tomi, Peter, Ola and Sharon instead:

Alex Hormozi: "When you plateau, so does your business."

What this means contextually:

As they leverage the business goldmine from the courses, they reach a stage of stability and peace of mind, which in turn reflects in their business smooth sailing.

I’m sure you want the same… right?

After doing over 2M total profit in 3 months by selling online and 3+ years total of selling online

I present to you Online marketing 505:

“A combination of 3 standalone courses:

In a way you have never heard of before

In a way you will almost never hear anywhere else.”

And all of this:

the infinite wizard at your disposal,

the life-changer that makes you a lot more while you spend less available in just a few more scrolls and reading.

You may have noticed, prince and others calling this

“a goldmine” or

a “well of money”.

Let me explain why:

Take 2 scenarios


Immediately you join us, you get access to exclusive information tailored for you and your type of business (e.g. digital skills/ freelancing/ ecommerce) that will:

Now that’s a goldmine!!

Let’s say:

For these and many more, you have 3 things from your personal business wizard:

  1. A clear outline of how to do each

  2. Resources for each sections available

  3. How to go about each available.


Ola, hairstylist




Immediately you join us – You get exclusive access tailored to whatever your interest is in life and from it, you learn how to:

Hear from Emmanuel, Great and Peter

The well of money, check


– You DO NOT SPEND A DIME to start most of these businesses or a dime to get the necessary stuffs to start your business!

– The average amount required to learn an high paying skill or start a profitable business is $200 (#140,000) and you are getting

– Access to 20+ by joining the community!

And we don’t just teach/show/equip you with just those 20 business or how to scale your current business.

Here is the “diamondmine”

Yusuf’s reply to my WhatsApp status

Hear from BigZone

One of my favourite yoruba adages: “Eni ti o mu obo, a shey bi obo”->

He who wishes to CATCH a MONKEY must act like a monkey.

You can’t turn yourself to a digital being, So why not learn how to use the full might of digital intelligence(the act) to captivate the

digital world(the monkey).

Before you think of forfeiting this opportunity, hear from the insiders:

And what if I told you,

an AI tool(not chatgpt) was the second backbone..

behind everything you just read.

Can you tell?


that’s how good they are. And they can be even better for you.


That is because it is.

Hear from Joseph


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