After Earning N300k Monthly Consistently

Ex-Customer Care Rep Reveals The 3 Simple Proven Strategies For Success Online As A Complete Newbie With Just Your Smartphone

Even If You Hate Social Media and have Never Earned A Dime Before

In a world where the truth has been sacrificed, this is my true story about my affiliate journey…


So You Don’t Waste Your


DON’T READ Further If You;

I was sitting behind my office desk one evening.

Everything faded away as I sat in that chair.

I was smiling as I was miles into my future thinking of my dream house.

How I wanted to buy nice things for my husband and kids and make my parents enjoy their old age.

My colleague interrupted my sweet imagination to tell me it was already getting dark and we should go home.

On the bus back home I drifted back into my imagination again. 

The economy was becoming worse under the unserious government.

Rising cost of living.

My salary nko? My job was more than 9-5. It was to get to work early and leave when the boss sees fit. 

I was like a ghost. No family time, no rest. 

I was just a customer care service worker collecting ₦40,000!

A bag of rice was more than my salary

I started to cry silently in that bus

and I decided right inside that bus to look for a side business that will at least guarantee me extra ₦40k every month

A month before that fateful day, someone had told me of one business model that I didn’t even pay attention to. 

But now I was DESPERATE

I got home and quickly contacted the person for information

He described the business as one where you just “recommend helpful digital products to people who need it and you will earn money called commission”

I asked where I would find the products or if I needed to create them myself

The person mentioned some platforms that didn’t need you to create anything.

Just come, choose a product you can recommend and show people to buy.

Now the ball was in my court.

But I did not know one thing about the internet.

I did research and heard about one course to learn from 

A total of just ₦60,000

Because of how desperate I was

I could not wait to save up for it

I had to sell some valuables of mine.

but wait, who is this telling me their life story?

My name is Ibukunoluwa Ezechukwu

Friends and Business Partners call me Coach Ibukunoluwa.

So, you can call me Coach Ibukunoluwa as well.

I’m a Sales and Marketing Coach, Finance Advisor, and Life Mentor.

I help affiliates and business associates build wildly profitable business online. 

I run a 7 figures monthly digital services agency so you’re just not learning from someone who read articles or books, No! I practice what I preach.  

I am a mother of 2 boys, and I love Food! I am telling you, Eni comes no close to me.

I wasn’t always this successful. 

In fact, I spent much money in my beginner days on courses

Each one promised heaven and earth


When I opened the courses I saw many long videos!

They always contained language I have never heard before. And it was like they were not going to finish.

Everything was like mathematics!!

I ended up more confused. Nobody told me to go from here to there. Do this. Do that.

It got to a point I assumed maybe it was not for me.

Maybe I was not good enough, intelligent, and techy

I abandoned everything

6 months passed and I decided to give it one last try

This time I doubled the effort (with prayer at times and tears)

Then I started to notice something.

I noticed patterns which all the ‘gurus’ had. I noticed the strategies they all used and were hiding from everyone else

They were just 3!

I saw that much of the jargon was not necessary. It was too advanced. 

I only needed 3 things

When my eyes opened I dedicated my nights to learning and implementing it

And like magic I started to see results

Then I took some people under my wing and showed them too.


Again, it worked like magic

So what did I discover?

What changed everything?

More importantly, why am I even making an effort to show you?

Shouldn’t I be hiding it?

Well, when I’m done you will have your answers

But me? I must talk about this.

The enemy is poverty.

So, on one of my free days —actually, I only had just Sunday.

I took a stroll and decided to buy roasted plantain at the entrance of my street.

One thing led to another and I decided to gist with the woman selling

While talking, she told me of how many businesses she had done to feed and train her children

“This is the only business I have not failed at”, she said.

“This one has allowed me to build house sef”

I probed her to find the secret of her success. In fact, she was eager to share

She began

“I notice that this estate (pointing adjacent us) have many people going and coming”

It’s mostly government staff and white collar people that live there. I quickly added 

Ehen…So I chose to sell roasted plantain at this junction because there is no way they won’t see me”

Something clicked inside me. This was the first most important thing. 

But those gurus called it LEAD GENERATION

simply being where people that need what you have are gathered so you can show them again and again.

Back to the discussion

She continued “because I know people of that age usually are health conscious. I chose to only do unripe plantain”

“I know they will see many plantain sellers every day but because I use unripe plantain. My own is unique. So they will buy”

Like bullet this one touched me again.

All the big language the gurus called POSITIONING is what this woman was talking to me about from her head!

It meant just showing what is unique to those people you know that want what you have!

She quickly interrupted my thoughts and added

“See this my cooler. I make sure I stick ice block for my water”

“Once they buy, I give them free cold sachet water too. That’s my secret

We talked about many other things.

As I was on my way home I was just thinking of what she said

Then I realised the 3rd thing she said was what gurus were calling OFFER

Giving people benefit they need along with what they want.


So if I just find where people were plenty

Show them the unique thing about what I have that can help them

And give them an offer they can’t resist 

I can have as many sales as I want!

And I began to do it

I was too happy to quit my customer service job.

Now I am no more stressed and I can buy gifts for my husband and family without pricing. LOL

After 2 years of my trial, and error, wins, and losses I found out that what it takes to be successful is simple, straightforward, no-bullshit information.

All I discovered is what I put together into what I and my students call AMSB

The Affiliate Marketing Startup Blueprint

My students armed with AMSB are changing their story with the guidance I’m providing for them

So what is inside this AMSB sef?

“Success is a pile of past failures”

This is not another overhyped course with a funny name and hundreds of videos to watch


This is a sniper focused blueprint to ensure

So you may be a

  1. Student
  2. 9-5 worker
  3. Stay at Home Mum

Mindset Module

I have seen a lot of nonsense in the online marketing world about money, how it’s made, and how it can be managed

Your mindset determines 80% of your results which is why I deem it crucial as a starter to know what it takes to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

This module will help you UNLEARN and LEARN the right mindset you need for your affiliate marketing business

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

I reveal the A-Z of Affiliate Marketing.

We dive into this world. The concept, types, and strategies of Affiliate Marketing

You will get to realize what a lot of people don’t know which is making them misunderstand affiliate marketing.

The explanation I give in this module is one of the ingredients that make my community so successful

Introduction to Selling

Selling is a skill that can make you rich.

Because of various experiences with bad salespeople, selling is now synonymous with deceiving people or begging

  • Here you learn how to sell online the right way
  • How to close sales
  • Handle objections
  • and how to sell to one and to many people at once. 

The skill you will learn right here will also help you outside the internet world

WhatsApp Marketing System

WhatsApp is a money-printing app only if you know how to use it that way.

I will not hide anything here. I will show you

  • How to leverage WhatsApp to sell your product and services,
  • Best practices for WhatsApp Marketing. If you don’t follow this you will explain tire
  • How to grow your status views and make more sales without becoming a town-crier.
  • My secret 6-figure weekly WhatsApp sales engineering

Introduction to Lead Generation (Organic)

If people don’t know you have what they want, you can’t sell to them.

What if I teach you to get their attention for FREE

I teach you how to leverage social media to grow your business as an affiliate.

I will expose tips and tricks to generate leads(potential customers) from these underrated platforms.

  • Tiktok
  • Facebook/IG
  • Twitter

Introduction to Lead Generation 2 (Organic)

Content is King,

BUt what is content?

Content means giving valuable information to people.

Fun fact, Content is all around you.

I will teach you how to create content that will attract people to you

And not just that. It will make them Know Like And Trust you

Introduction to Paid Lead Generation

Let me boast here

My partner in business is an Ads Specialist

The fastest way to make it in this business is through Ads

And if you are going to do any ad, anyone who charges less than 100k to just run it o does not know what he is doing. Gaskiya.

This module is one of the things that makes AMSB superb because it contains relevant proven strategies

On how to generate 200-500 leads on Facebook

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting

I will let you take advantage of how passionate I am to see you succeed

I will teach you…

Whether we like it or not

Prices of things will still increase. 

Government will not care about us with the way they are doing the economy 


I and students of AMSB will be getting paid 6, 7 figures

Some even in Dollars $$

And let me say

If you are reading this it means you are 


Too late to make excuses that you are broke

That you cannot make money on the internet 

Reading this means you have an opportunity to write your story

And if I am to ask you…

How Much Does All This Worth To You?

How much do you think it should cost to access this dream?





Well, you won’t be paying that price today.

For two reasons:

and it’s not because I like you…

I don’t even know you

There’s really no time to waste making this decision

I want to make it easy and hassle-free for you to also make money with Affiliate marketing.

Secondly, times are hard. 
Its not like you’re making any serious money.
Otherwise, you wont be here.

And because you are reading this right now… I have agreed with my team to give you a lesser price today.

All you have to pay is just…


Here are Questions Others Like You Asked Before they Enrolled


This will be extensively taught in the AMSB Program, how you will be able to sell and get customers rushing to your affiliate offers or product


No, There won’t be any form of referrals as AMSB Program will teach you how to make money by selling other people’s digital or physical products.


Nothing Else, the knowledge covered in this course possesses all you need to succeed in affiliate marketing or Online business as a Start-Up.


To Register today all you need is 20,000 and it’s a one time fee.


No, You can use just your phone.

Laptop is necessary only when it is to go big.


No! You don’t need a large following to become profitable as AMSB Program will teach you how to run and grow your business online even without any followers.


Yes, As this business is not restricted to any location you can run your business from anywhere just with your phone.



No, it is advisable you complete the course to better understand it, before starting your business, nevertheless, you can also start practicing as you are learning

Please Before You Join Us, Read This First

AMSB is not a magic wand.

Affiliate Marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme

If you are lazy and hate to learn

You will totally fail

I can guarantee you will get results ONLY when you practice what I teach

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