Here Is A Honest Question For You Looking To Start An Internet Business...

"Would You Like To Know How To Setup...

...A Profitable AFFILIATE MARKETING Business In The Next 90 Minutes Or Less,

...Even If You Don't Know Where To Begin?"

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Let's Not Beat About The Bush.

Dear Friend

You are on this page because…


...You Need to make money as fast as possible

You need to make money because you have a pressing need to solve. It could be any of the following;

Whatever it is, that money must be available on time

But There Is A Problem. And That Is...

You don’t know which business can make you such an amount of money within that short period.

You already know that having an online business gives you a better chance to achieve this because you see people making the amount that you seek to have in less than 90 days

But this time, you are scared because of what is involved.

You don’t want to make that mistake and loose the small money that you have.

Everywhere you look online, one self-acclaimed “guru” is flashing his screenshots with thousands of naira into his account, selling one ebook, video courses, coaching, and the rest to show you how he did it.

But you are tired of buying courses.

You just want to STEP BY STEP STRAIGHT TO THE POINT method that you can use the small money you have to start something that will bring in good results.

And out of every Internet business that you have considered, the one that looks more promising and you can start with a little start-up capital is… Affiliate Marketing Business!

But There Is Still Another Problem...
You don't know how to start!

You have bought every single course on planet earth and tried everything that the experts have told you but you just can’t seem to breakthrough.

And right now, you just need something that will make you money fast as soon as possible.

If That Is Your Case Right Now, Then I Have Created Something Special For You That Will…

...Help You Setup A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business In The Next 90 Minutes Or Less That Can Make You Up To N150k And Even More, Even If You Don't Know Where To Begin!

Yes, with what you will be getting, you will not be needing to do any of the following…

With what you will be getting today if you decided to get access to this workshop
, you will skip all of these and be 7 STEPS AHEAD of those who are still trying to figure it out


And the best part is that.

You don’t need to buy any extra video coursethat forces you to watch over 20 videos before you get started

But Why I Do Sound So

That is because what I’m about to show you is THE EXACT METHOD I USED To…


..raising some cash for my elder brother’s health emergency in less than 60 days!

You see, my elder brother woke up in the middle of the night and could not breathe. Minutes after that, he had a heart attack and stop breathing.

His saving grace was God and money was available to pay for emergency treatment to commence, before he was resuscitated back to life.

And during this period on the emergency bed, he was breathing with oxygen, paying N10,000 per day.

Plus he did various tests that cost over N500,000surgery of over 1 Million Naira. 

Now Imagine This;

If you find yourself in such a situation where money is the primary thing you need to get that thing done and you are about to loose it all.

You will not be able to calm your nerves to think straight on what to do or which business to start. You will feel overwhelmed as if the whole world is crashing on you

I know how it felt because I have been there, And I would not even like my enemy to be in that situation.

That is why I have created something, so easy and stress-free so that you can start today, no matter the situation you find yourself in.

Yes, if you setup it up today, you will be able to start making money in the next 7 days, as long as you put in the work.
Think about how much you would have made in the next 90 days from now.

Sound easy right? Yeah, It Is!

Nevertheless, I know how confusing it will be for you to set it all up, that is why…

…I created This Online Workshop for you so that you can get started in the next 90 minutes or less…

I Introduce To You...

The S.E.D.P. Affiliate
CashOut Workshop

The BRAND NEW Method To Building A Profitable
Affiliate Marketing Business In 90 Minutes Or Less

Now I’m not going to get all hypey.


This IS NOT Another Course Of 20 Videos On How To Make Money Online Via Affiliate Marketing!

This IS A STEP BY STEP ONLINE WORKSHOP where you get to see how you can set-up your own Affiliate Marketing Business and get it ready for your first customer in 90 mins or less!

As we speak, this SEDP workshop has been…

...purchased by over 2900 Nigerians On Expertnaire And Still Counting! 😍

Because of that, it was listed as…


...One Of The Hot Selling Products on Expertnaire for 2022, Even By Mr Toyin Omotoso!

Sound Too Good To Be True, Right?

No need to believe me…


Here is what Top Guns in the industry have to say about me and everything I reveal super nuggets on how to make money using the Internet 

And they are not the only ones.


Here are what some of my friends and associates have said about me whenever I share my awesome money making information that changes the lives of bank accounts

Here's What I'm Going To Reveal In The 90 Mins Online Workshop...

You Are Getting This Step By Step Online Workshop That Can Make You 6 - 7 Figures Monthly Created For You So That...

…You Will Never Ever Get To Do Trials & Errors Business.

…You Will Not Have To Be Afraid Of Making Any Mistakes Or Losing Money.

…You Will Be Able To Start Making Money For Yourself The Easiest Way, Without Doing Much Techy Stuff.

Thinking This Is Another Fallacy?

Here are my credit alerts from my campaigns in February, May, June, July and when I applied this in the International Market

And It Is NOT Just I Alone! Nigerians Like Yourself Have Started Making Money Too...

Here Are Nigerians Like Yourself Who Have Not A Single Dime Online Before, Are Now Make Money Using This SEDP Method and The Resources I Shared With Them

With This 90 Mins Workshop, I Will Show You How It's Done, So You Too Can Copy Me!

What I will teach you works because it’s NOT based on guesswork, latest tricks, or shortcuts… but reliable strategies that work regardless of who uses them, and they work long term.

And for the first time in a long time, I’m going to show you how to set up and launch your own affiliate marketing business by simply modeling this already successful business blueprint.

So if you want to get into the Affiliate Marketing game and start making money as soon as possible…

...This Is Everything You’ve Been Looking For!

With this, you will be able…

But Wait! Let Me Bribe You More…


If you decide to get into this Online Affiliate Workshop, I Will Give You These FREE GIFTS


…Gifts So Huge In Value That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

Here Are The FREE GIFTS Below:

Free Gift 1

The FB Ads Novice To Expert
Home Study Course!
…so you can learn how to run adverts on Facebook with as low as N500 per day
(Valued at N10,000)

Then here is your chance to become a Facebook Ads Expert for FREE.


With this Home Study Course, you will be able to advertise, not just your Affiliate Marketing Business but also……

be able to advertise any other business you choose to and make a lot of money without buying any other course again.


Imagine getting potential buyers into your S.E.D.P. Selling System for as low as N12 per person or…

…getting as low as N950 per buyer for any product you sell on Facebook.


You Can See The Screenshot Below For Yourself;

That is what this course will do for you…

Free Gift 2

Developer License To My Super Webpage Designing Software!
…so that you won’t have to pay any designer
to create your webpages
(Valued at N70,000)


I will hand over to you my developer webpage designing software that I used in creating this simple but professional-looking page.…



Free Gift 3

The S.E.D.P. Affiliate Marketing Telegram
Support Group!

so that you won’t ever feel left alone when you are
stuck and don’t know what to do again

(Valued at N120,000)

This is where you will get Full Support and also other Affiliate Marketers like yourself…

in making money with this.


You will never be alone at all, as I will be fully supporting you until you start making good money with

So How Much Is This Online Workshop?

Remember What You Will Be Getting…

The Real Total Value

Normally, this would easily cost more than N250,000 if I separately sold These Business Kits on their own…


So If I Tag It N200,000, You Know It Will Be Worth It Right?


But Guess What?


Because you’re here, you’re getting it way less than that…


You Will Not Pay N100,000 either…


You Will Not Pay N50,000…


You Will Not Pay N30,000…


Instead, You Will Be Paying JUST…


That Is Like Paying Less Than N60 Per Day

…For The Whole Year To Access This.

So Why Am I Giving All Of These At This Low Price?

Because I Want To Help You Save Time From Doing Things That Might Not Work And…


Especially Save Money From Buying All Those Guru’s eBooks And Courses, While Focusing On Building Your Own Internet Business Almost Effortlessly


And Become A Money Making Machine To Do Everything You Wish To Do!


I’m willing to give you all this for so little because I’m so sure that you’re going to be wowed by the secret I will share with you.


I know it’s going to change your life and your bank account so much that you’ll want to continue doing business with me for years to come such as paying for my coaching or even masterminds.


And you might want to hear how to grow and scale your other businesses, which I can be of great help to you.

But Here Is A Strong Warning…

I Might Increase The Price Anytime I Wish To Again…


So Once You Fail To Act FAST Now, You Will Have To Pay More When You Come Back.


The More You Delay In Grabbing This Offer…


…The More You Will Pay Later


So To Take Advantage Right Now…

Click The Red Button Below & You Will Be Taking The Payment Page…

And If You Do That Right Now… Like Right This Minute…

I Will Add These Following
Bonuses To You...

Added Bonus 1

The S.E.D.P Affiliate CashOut Workshop
(WhatsApp Version)

…The BRAND NEW Method To Building A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business In the 90 Minutes Or Less With Your WhatsApp Number
(Valued at N20,000)

Need I say more?


Just as the name implies, I’m going to show you exactly how to setup your profitable affiliate business in 90 minutes or less, so that you can be able to run it using WhatsApp!


It is totally free if you get it today

Added Bonus 2

How to Write Copy That Sells
…so that you will be able to convince more people to buy from you and become your customers
(Valued at N15,000)

Are You Looking To Learn Copywriting, So That You Can Convince People To Buy From You Instead From Your Competitors?


Then I’m Giving You This As A Special Gift From Me.


With This, You Won’t Have To Buy Another Copywriting Course Or Coaching Program. 


It is a step-by-step guide to writing fast, easy-to-read, effective copy. 


It’s for everyone who needs to write copy that brings in cash – including copywriters, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.


You will be able to use what you learn inside for your email marketing, web sites, social media, sales pages, and ads campaigns.


It Is Yours From Me To You As A Gift!

Added Bonus 3

The 30 – 90 Days Strangers To Buyers Strategy
The Secret Formula To Turn Total Strangers To Buyers For Your Affiliate Business In The Next 30 – 90 Days, Without Paying For Advertising!
(Valued at N30,000)

Looking to get people to sell your affiliate products without paying for advertising?


Then I’m also handing this over to you as my free gift from my personal library.


It is so detailed that even a totally inexperienced person can use it and start turning people who don’t know you, into people who want to buy from you.


If you would like that, then it is yours when you get this workshop today.


The Grand Opportunity To Get A Brand New Laptop Before The End Of The Year.
…so that you can be able to work with pride and show those doubting thomases who the boss is!
(Valued at N150,000)

I’m Having A Special Sales Challenge Program For You And Anyone To Be Able To…

…Get A Brand New Laptop As A Reward 
If You Are Able To Apply What You Learn In The Workshop And Make Sales In Applying What You Learn!

And It Will Be Also FREE! No Charges Whatsoever!

AND WHATS MORE? I Will Remove The Risk From You With A Full 90-Day Refund Guarantee:

You Have A 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.

If after going through this Online Workshop, and you applied all that I will instruct you to do in the next 90 days but can’t start making money,…

…simply let me know and I will offer you my sincere apologies for wasting your time and then give you a FULL refund.

In other words, I’m returning your money to you if I did everything right and I don’t deliver what I promised you.

So once you access this online workshop, devour it and implement it.


Put everything you learn to the test in the next 90 days and make your decision about it.


And if after 90 days, you don’t see any form of changes in your business, (or don’t see an amazing life-changing value)  I’ll pay your money back.


I don’t need it. Your N18,500 won’t change my life, but it could change yours.


So what do you say?

Are You Ready To Build Your Very Own Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business?

Again, Here Is What You Are Getting:

The Real Total Value

Today’s Price

The Question Now To You Is...

If Not Now… When

When will you finally be able to…

…make enough money to buy that house or that car you’ve always wanted


When you will finally stop managing money and start

…using money without fear because your bank account is overfilled with it


When will you finally take action?

Make your decision, then sign up for this limited time special offer by…

…GRABBING Access To The S.E.D.P Affiliate CashOut Workshop RIGHT NOW!!

Again, this offer of N18,500 might be increased at any time. It could be a few days from now…


…so you have to take the offer right now!


If You Wait Any Longer, The Price Might Increase By 100%!


So it’s time to make your decision and take a leap of faith.

Grab Your Slot Of The
Affiliate Workshop Today

Or Would You Let N18,500 Stop You
From The Only Thing That Might Just Change Your Financial Status Right Now?...

Not if you are wise. 


Wise people don’t delay when they see a wonderful opportunity.


Wise people take action on what they know would change their lives for good.


Wise people don’t wait for others before they do the needful


And guess what? I know you are very wise and now have three choices. You can...

...Just N18,500 Only

Below Now To Join The Workshop Today!

The Ball Is In Your Court!

Ufuoma Desmond

P.S.: Let me be upfront with you. No need for sweet talk

If you want to make money online, this is best way, your very own business created in a few minutes. Grab it now while you can

P.P.S.: You Have Money Back Guarantee In Case This Does Not Work For You. That means I’ll give you 100% of your money back. What do you have to lose? Nothing!

Get It Right Now!

P.P.P.S.: Did I Miss The Part Where I Tell You That This Will Require Some Work On Your Part?

If You Are Looking For An Investment Scheme To Put Your Money And Expect To Double It In 90 Days Without Working, Then Don’t Invest In This Offer Please!

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