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The Exact Activities TOP AFFILIATE MARKETERS Are Carrying Out Daily To Bank 500k Monthly?

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Toyin Omotoso is the founder of Expertnaire, the number 1 Affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria.

The below video is why you're here, watch from start to finish

Those of us you see today earning more than a million naira monthly are people that took their few minutes to learn a business before starting it.

Today's your own turn to learn, feel free to abuse this day if you like by skipping this video or fast forwarding this video. OK?

But if you're really ready to make money as much as a million naira monthly, then you should watch this video from start to finish while paying MAXIMUM ATTENTION!

Meet JUBILEE, one of Affiliate Beginners Course FAST-Rising student. She started as a complete beginner who knows NOTHING about the internet.

Today, she's seriously earning from all Affiliate platforms which I exposed already.

My Friend, I greet you.

I believe you must have heard something about Affiliate marketing, hence why you are here to know even more.

If you're also a struggling Affiliate who has been unable to make ENOUGH SALES, then this is for you too.

You're really lucky for I'll be making available to you, the Beginners Exact Blueprint that 1% Affiliate Marketers are using that other 99% don't know about.

And even these 1% are not ready to hand this Blueprint over to you but here I am today, offering to give you access to this. Though for a LIMITED TIME: You may not get it tomorrow.

One of the things I'll be teaching you is called Audience research. Not every Affiliate know this. Trust me.

Audience research is a means of identifying the right people who are interested in buying your product as an affiliate.

This is to avoid spending your energy and time on people who are not gonna buy what you're selling.

This is a tactics every top affiliate marketer knows and uses to record massive sales and cash out big time.

Kelly is one of the Affiliate Beginners Course student who is actively following up my 9days practical one on one coaching program.

Unlike many trainings out there that will require you to just watch videos, Affiliate Beginners Course (ABC) will follow you up for 9 good days after you enroll as a student.

Here, I'll be giving you some task you should be carrying out daily till you master the skills of Affiliate Marketing.

This will last for 9days and then, other coaching and support will continue for lifetime.

Lead Generation Is The Bloodline Of Affiliate Marketing. And The Affiliate Beginners Course(ABC) Have You Covered.

Below is Mr. Jaycee, one of my elderly student who has sworn to earn a living online and is seriously implementing what the ABC course is teaching him.

Google Ads is one of the BIG WAYS to reach out to people who are gonna buy what you're selling as an Affiliate Marketer, and the Affiliate Beginners Course have you covered up!

You know where it gets so interesting?

You'll be having access to my FULL Course on Google Ads. Here you'll be learning about YouTube Ads, Display Ads and search Ads.

This course worth N50,000 but I'll give it to you for free if you get the Affiliate Beginners Course today.

This is actually my secret to over 10million naira as an affiliate.

Also in the Affiliate Beginners Course, you'll be learning how to promote your products on Facebook. This is another Lead generation strategy that Top Affiliates are using.

The beautiful and most interesting thing about all these skills is that you can actually apply them in your current business and sell more of your products: be it physical products or digital products.

I Repeat: Be it physical products or digital products!

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the 10 "BEGINNERS Most Asked Questions" about Affiliate marketing..

If you've skipped the above video, trust me you're missing a lot of information. If the below topics will be vital to you, then go back and watch from start to finish.

  • What is Affiliate marketing and how does it work?
  • Exposed: The 4 major Affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria including Expertnaire, Digitstem, Selar and Stakecut.
  • Affiliate Marketing Products.
  • How to sell Affiliate marketing products.
  • Who are those that buy these products and how do you reach out to them?
  • Is Affiliate Marketing a referral Business of bring 2 people?
  • How to register as an Affiliate marketer.
  • Is Affiliate Marketing Legit abi nah scam?
  • Top Affiliate marketing Review
  • Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners.

And other important information I have gathered since October 2021 that I started with Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing has nothing to do with referral business. Neither am I trying to register you under myself so you go and register another person. NAH!

Meet VivianPat, one of my Top Student. Her interest in making money online was on a very high side that it wanted to cause issue between her and her hubby.

At a point, I had to meet one on one with the husband to explain things for him and allow her learn this..

Today, am very sure the husband will be proud of her.

She was in months back, selected as one of the Top Affiliates of one of the known Affiliate platform as seen below.

May 2023, she got herself a Samsung phone worth 323,000 Naira. The interesting thing she told me was that her hubby escorted her for the purchase!

Oga finally has kwete na ona eme! (agreed that Affiliate marketing pays)

Let me quickly review the 4 Affiliate platforms you can partner with:

1. Expertnaire Affiliate Program

2. Digitstem Affiliate Program.

3. Stakecut Affiliate Program

4. Selar Affiliate Program

What Is Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing?

Expertnaire is an online marketplace that sells digital products through the help of Affiliate marketers. Expertnaire was founded back in 2018 by Toyin Omotoso.

Expertnaire has more than 100,000 Affiliates selling more than 200 digital products.

In other to make money on Expertnaire, you need to signup as an Affiliate. The guide on how to register on Expertnaire successfully and sell the products are contained in the Affiliate Beginners Course (ABC).

If you're wondering if Expertnaire is LEGIT? It is. Haven paid over 2billion naira to Affiliates in 2022 and counting. Started paying since 2018 till now that you're reading this. Then I think you should give it a try.

Expertnaire also holds annual convention for her Affiliates and for all interested internet marketers. I was opportune to be at the October 2021 own held at Lagos Island.

The video Above has done justice to some of the Expertnaire products or you can say Expertnaire courses. So I may not list them here, take your time and go through the video.

As of the time of writing (April, 2023), Expertnaire is only available to Nigerians. I mean, they only pay out to Nigeria bank accounts. Expertnaire pays her affiliates every Friday.

My student, Kassy made over 31 Million naira in 2022 On Expertnaire.

Esther made enough money that she was able to get for herself, an Hp Laptop worth over 200k!

If you don't want to call Expertnaire a scam, then don't just go and register without a guide as the Affiliate Beginners Course - The ABC Of Affiliate Marketing!

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What Is Digitstem Affiliate Marketing?

Just like Expertnaire, Digitstem is also an online marketplace that connects digital course creators and Affiliate marketers. They do this by providing each affiliate with a unique link to promote these digital courses.

Digitstem was co-founded by a group of four Nigerians: ODUDU AKPAN, KING LEONARD, IFIOK AKPAN, and UCHE FESTUS.

Digitstem Registration is a very simple one just like every other online registration. So if you must become a Digitstem Affiliate, you must have to register on the platform. The guide on how to register on Digitstem is also available on the Affiliate Beginners Course - The ABC of Affiliate Marketing.

You may also need to ask if Digitstem is Legit? Yea, just like Expertnaire, Digitstem is very legit and it's a safe platform you can run affiliate marketing program on. Digitstem pays her affiliates every Saturday.

Nigerians and other African countries can signup on Digitstem and receive payments as well. Digitstem pays in US Dollars at 500naira/dollar rate.

These are just few of my students payouts just to let you know Digitstem is not a scam as it has been paying guys and will continue to do so.

There are also some products on Digitstem that affiliates have access to. These are digital courses and if you watch the 35mins video on this page, you will see some of them.

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What is stakecut affiliate marketing?

Stakecut is one of the newest Affiliate marketing program in Nigeria. Stakecut accepts not just Nigerians; other African countries can register on stakecut as affiliates.

Stakecut pays in US Dollars. It pays her affiliates every Monday.

Stakecut was founded by Czar Nnamani and Co-Founded by Joshua Mba. This platform was launched in June, 2022.

Just as every other online program, stakecut requires you fill a registration form if you must be an affiliate. The guide on how to register on Stakecut can as well be seen inside the Affiliate Beginners Course - The ABC of Affiliate Marketing.

Stakecut products can be accessed from the platform marketplace. If you don't want to get frustrated and end up calling Affiliate marketing a scam, then do not just register, get the Affiliate Beginners Course and learn how to earn dollars from Stakecut Affiliate Program.

Can you see his small face? Odinaka is one of the Affiliate Beginners Course student who is 19yrs old going to 20yrs.

Emeka, how old are you and how much are you currently earning without answering someone SIR, MA! eeeh, Cynthia?

So, feel safe about Stakecut Affiliate program as it is not a scam. Stakecut is Legit just like Expertnaire and Digitstem.

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What is selar affiliate marketing Program?

Also known as Selar Affiliate Network, Selar provides course creators the platform to sell their products. They go further to give affiliates the opportunities to make money selling these courses created by others.

Registering as an Affiliate on Selar is a very simple one too. And as a beginner, I'll not advice you just go there to signup without knowing how to sell.

AS a selar affiliate, you get paid only when you're able to sell. So get the Affiliate Beginners Course and learn how to register on Selar Affiliate Network and how to get your affiliate link and start selling.

Selar was founded in 2016 (2yrs before Toyin Omotoso founded Expertnaire) to help people with knowledge get paid for such.

Selar pays her Affiliate after 24hrs of successful sale. So if you sell a product on selar today, you'll get paiud your commission by tomorrow.

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Meet your next internet coach...

My name is Stanislaus Okeke. Friends and Business partners prefer to call me Stanimart because of the brand I've built online.

So, you can call me Stanimart as well.

I'm a Pro in internet marketing with over 4yrs experience and more than 6yrs experience in website designing.

I'm the guy that beginners in affiliate marketing come to for guide. Reason because I know what every beginner needs to make money online as an Affiliate.

I teach with no complicated details. I don't add information that will rather confuse beginners instead of guiding them.

I love teaching people what I know hence why I have documented a lot info just for YOU IF we get to connect today.

Disregard my bad grammar [If Any] for I no go school  I dropped out of Unizik after my year 1 in 2017 - And the funny thing is that I'm not even interested to go school still.

Anyway, I have had my best scholastic education in the junior seminary as I attended Saint Augustine's Seminary School Abakaliki (SASCO).

People easily identify my Anambra origin whenever I talk... Omoh, I'm too IGBOTIC in nature and I love it like that.. Lol 

Well, SUCCESS is a choice that certificates cant make for you. I chose to Sabi how to make money on the internet and not how to be certified to be placed under a salary.

Thank you for visiting my page today.

Why you should start today, and not tomorrow..

Here's what you'll get and what you'll need when you sign up as a student of Affiliate Beginners Course.

You'll be getting a lifetime mentorship from me. This isn't what will end after 1 month or 6 months or even 1year. It's forever.

I'll be adding you to my mentorship forum called Affiliate Beginners Forum.

Here, I drop ideas and strategies that will help you achieve your set goals. You can as well ask your questions here.

For you to move fast in sales as an Affiliate, I've created a Guide which is a straight up training on what you really need to be doing as an Affiliate.

This Blueprint is called the Affiliate Beginners Course (ABC) and below are what you gonna learn from it:

Just as this name  "ABC", It's the easiest affiliate marketing training you can take today. No long stories. No beating about the bush! No too complex details.

It's as easy as ABC!

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Should you want to master website designing using my own skills, I've a course on How to design a landing page using Elementor which I'll give you FOR FREE if you're starting TODAY. I'm sure you love the looks of this page? You'll be able to do same yourself too.

Then to increase your internet marketing knowledge, I've 19 Internet marketing eBooks I'll give you FOR FREE IF you're ready TODAY.

Again, to make your activities as an Affiliate marketer very stress free, I'll be giving you a premium WhatsApp Auto responder FOR FREE. If you check on Playstore, you'll see what this cost yearly. But you'll have access to it for free for lifetime.

I know you might be a novice when it comes to internet marketing, so you may not have some words to use communicate your products, don't worry.

You're in the hands of a pro internet marketer. I'll give you ready-to-use scripts that have made me over 12M as an Affiliate marketer which I've been using since October, 2021.

Again, one of the tools we use as Affiliate marketers is website. This may cost money to get. Buh in a case where you don't have the finances to get 1 for yourself, I'll teach you how to get a website without spending 1kobo.

Also, I've researched on people who buy digital courses on the internet. So I'll be giving you the audience to use for your Facebook targeting. Be 100% guaranteed that these are audiences that will buy your product.

Finally, I'll give you access to a training on how to appear on Google when people search about your product.

This is called Google Ads and you'll be able to learn and implement this using just your smartphone. Plus Access to YouTube marketing.

So are you ready for this journey with me? They're all about you. I'm ready to help you succeed. Are you ready?

If YES, Then Affiliate Beginners Course(ABC) is all you need to access all these and get access to my trainings/mentorship.

Get My 19 Internet Marketing EBooks And My Course On How To Design A Sales Page FOR FREE if you start Today

Normal Price = N40,000

Today's Price = N20,000 Only

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