If you're paid N20,000 for selling just 1 product. How many can you sell this month to live a good life?

No computer required + Even if you Know Nothing about the internet!

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This is what I'll do if my mother is hospitalized and i needed to pay N150,000 bill before she gets attention or she will d!e.

Have you found yourself before in a situation as the one above? Or may be, you're having a similar situation currently...

My name is Stanislaus Okeke popularly identified as Stanimart by fellow internet marketers.
I teach beginners like you how to be profitable at building sustainable internet business. Haven coached thousands of beginners like you, I'm confident you won't be a hard nut to crack.
Making money online has never been a rocket science and if you're ready to learn it, then be rest assured there's a coach and a guide ready to put you through.

Back to the above case, I want to tell you what I'll do and which I would like you to copy too.

As someone who's already knowledgeable about the internet, and is very good with Affiliate Marketing. I'll simply enter my Affiliate marketplace and select a product that can pay me N15,000 per sale.

So now for me to earn N150,000, I'll have to sell 10 of this product ONLY. Just 10.

That is 15,000 x 10 = 150,000

And you know the interesting part?

These products am selling are not mine. And also, I can go ahead to sell even more because these products don't go out of stock.

That means I can sell as much as I can to make as much money as I want to.

Below are just few of the products you can see on Affiliate Platform.

Examples of the products..

These are called digital products. They're not items like Bole, Corn, smartphones..

These are informational materials that solves most people problems. They're in form of videos and eBooks that will be delivered to your customer via email.

people who struggle to subscribe common data monthly before, are currently doing this and making a whole lot of money.

Someone like Kassy, who couldn't afford to stay online as a young guy, enthusiastic about the internet. But the little he stayed, he was able to learn a lot which he applied to his business to make sales.

In July 2023, he tweeted about his N15 Million naira Land investment in the city of Enugu.

To celebrate him on his birthday been same month he announced about his Real Estate investment, I gifted him some bags of cement to support the work he's entering into.

Also someone like Vivian, who won a Lexus car challenge. Vivian is a mother of three wonderful kids. Before she met me online, she was a primary school teacher in her village.

Unlike most young mothers, Vivian didn't give an excuse with her motherly responsibilities. She took the bull by the horn and achieved success with my coaching.

She made a tweet around August, 2023

We also have someone like Jubilee Jack who earned over N200,000 in just a period of 7days. And you know the interesting part? This is a girl of 18yrs!

But you're just a beginner who doesn't even know how to locate product links. How possible is it that you'll sell and make money?

Haven known that the secret to making money in Affiliate marketing is by selling products, You need to have the skills that will help you reach out to the right people who will buy whatever you're selling.

As I explained on the video above, you will have to do two things:

1. Audience research.

2. Audience Targeting.

People FAIL at Affiliate marketing because they neglect these two things. Others do it the wrong way and get wrong people who will not buy their product.

Maybe you've a friend who has told you "Ah, this Affiliate marketing no dey work oh"

Maybe he has even registered on an Affiliate platform and couldn't make a single sale. I want you to ask the person what he or she has done in Affiliate marketing that it didn't work for him?

Most people start Affiliate marketing with NO knowledge on how to sell. They have no coach. They're just there, answering Affiliate marketers with NOTHING to show for it.

And you should not be like these people.

I want to hand over to YOU a guide which I and many other Top Affiliates have used to make over 20Million naira online...

I call this guide “Affiliate Beginners Course (ABC)”

This contains same information that I have used so far and which I have also taught my students who are doing well today.

Just like the name "ABC", It is the simplest course you can take as a beginner. This is because you won't be needing a computer for anything here. And also, unlike most training where you just watch videos upandan, I'll be taking you on a 9days coaching.

During this 9days, I'll be sending some tasks to you. These tasks will be coming with a lot of DONE FOR YOU scripts that you will just copy and paste into your business.

To help you to even sell faster than other Affiliates, I'll be given you my other course on how to promote your products on Google including YouTube, Search and Display networks.

This particular course on Google Ads is worth N50,000 but I'll gift you for free.

Let's see all that you'll be learning from the Affiliate Beginners Course (ABC): Watch The below video now.

Who has this also worked for?

I have students across major Affiliate Marketing platforms you can think of..

And they have gone far to becoming one of the top affiliates in each platform they're working with.

Start Your Training Today!

Today's Price:

N15,000 ONLY

Price increases to N30,000 anytime soon...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. We believe what we documented on the ABC Course are what you need to succeed as an Affiliate. And haven seen students who have realized success from what they learnt from the course, I can confidently assure you of 100% satisfaction if you also implement all you're going to learn from the Affiliate Beginners Course (ABC).

To increase your internet marketing knowledge, I'll be giving you my 19 eBooks on beginners guide to internet marketing and my course on how to design a website like this one you're currently on.

"what the mind cannot conceive, it calls a lie. Unknown to the mind, it has limited itself!"

It's very normal to see reviews as the ones above and tag them photoshops, or scams..

But let me at this point educate you on why you've been a victim of scams many times..

There are ONLY two ways to make money online

1. selling a products

2. offering to render a service.

Anything outside these two comes from the evil one!

Now ask yourself this question: That internet business you did and got scammed, what were you selling? or what service were you rendering?

If you're sincere to yourself, you'll discover "NONE" will be your answer. And this will now bring us to the conclusion that Affiliate Marketing isn't like that because we have products to sell.

  • Affiliate marketing is not a scam or fraud because we have products to sell. This isn't a ponzi scheme or a referral program. Affiliates earn strictly by sales of products ONLY.
  • Affiliate marketing isn't a referral program: We're not here to bring two people that will bring their own two people. We just sell other people's products and make commissions.
  • Commissions come from the product sold. So there's no possibility of someone making away with your money. This is because you earn commission and they also earn theirs. It's always a win-win case.

"I'm a student, I dont have money!"

See this as that textbook that you must have to buy to pass that hard and sensitive course. Assuming you don't have money for such, what would you do as a student?

Allow yourself to fail the paper and get it carried over?

The ABC course is to teach yo how to make money; unlike textbooks that will teach you how to balance chemical equations when life itself isn't balanced; OR to find our "X" when we neva see food chop to carter for mama. Lol!

Start Your Training Today!

Today's Price:

N15,000 ONLY

Price increases to N30,000 anytime soon...

If there's a mind ready to learn, then be rest assured there's a course as the ABC ready to guide you and a coach as Stanimart ready to walk you through..

P.S.: Over 1,000 persons paid N30,000 to access this training before this discounted fee of 15k. If you wait any longer to start.

You may not see it at N15,000 anymore. So start now unless you want to pay N30,000 tomorrow when it gets back to its normal price.

Start Your Training Today!

Today's Price:

N15,000 ONLY

Price increases to N30,000 anytime soon...


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