Now, You Too Can Copy Our 7-Figure Export Business Model That Generated N106,990,920 In 2018 For Us and Our Students

Here is Your Opportunity to Duplicate Our Results, Execute Your First Export Contract In 27 Days From Now, Irrespective of Your Experience, Knowledge or Background

Let Us Hold You By The Hand and Coach You How to Start Your N500,000 - N1 Million Per Month Export Business

Dear New Exporter,


You finally decided to start your export business and you are so passionate about your decision!!! You already dream about when you’ll get your first order and deposit your first cheque into your bank account!

But, you don’t have the necessary background skills and experience to start and run this business successfully yet. And you know it.

Plus, you already tried to find some specific information on starting your own export business. You did research on this industry.

You visited different blogs and forums, maybe even attended some export seminars and bought some courses, but you just found a lot of high-level information with very little practical start-up instructions or guides.

All you’ve learned is a bunch of a theoretical fluff unrelated to your unique case.


Let's be sincere.

The fastest and easiest way to start and scale any business is to get a coach.

If you don’t have the right coach to show you exactly what to do when building your export business, then your failure is pretty much the only thing that is guaranteed.

You NEED a coach, someone who has built his export business empire and ready to introduce you to his high network of exporters and importers around the world, that are ready to do business with you.

First, Who Am I and Why You Should Listen To Me?

My name is Olatunde Wealth and here's one thing I want you to know about me before you even read any other word on this page... 

I am the convener of the prestigious export business training in Nigeria, NIGERIA EXPORT WORKSHOP also known as N.E.W.

The NIGERIA EXPORT WORKSHOP series is an intensive training facilitated by myself and seasoned exporters in Nigeria who have made millions of Naira over the years doing export business in Nigeria.

We have also partnered with different organizations and Chambers of Commerce, including but not limited to Nigeria-American Chamber of Commerce, Lagos Chamber of Commerce, Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, EMS, Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited (SAHCOL), Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO Aviance) and a host of others.

The workshops over the years have also produced successful millionaire-exporters who were novice prior to having access to the same information and opportunity you're about to have access to as well.

I am also the founder of an award-winning B2B export platform that has connected new and experienced exporters in Nigeria to foreign buyers with transactions worth over N106,990,920 facilitated. (Details about this platform and how you can benefit from it will be revealed to you as you continue reading.)

I have also helped new exporters demystified the export business by showing and mentoring them on how to start export business on a very small scale and making over 200% profits from it using myself and others as a case study.

But You See, It Wasn’t Always Like this For Me…

Just a few years back, precisely in 2000, I was just a fresh SSCE school leaver who wanted to start a business to fund my Tertiary education and be successful.

Like most parents in Nigeria, my dad couldn't afford to train me after my secondary school education because he wanted to focus on my siblings who were just starting secondary school.

I sat for Jamb once and passed. I got an admission offer from a Federal University in Nigeria but I had to decline the offer as I was unable to pay the acceptance fee.

My secondary school classmates who were not as brilliant as I was had already gained admission and resumed the first semester at a private university.

Their school fees was over N400,000 per semester but it wasn't a problem for them because their dad could afford it.

Meanwhile, my acceptance fee was not even up to N10,000, but my dad couldn't afford it.

My friend continued to made me a laughing stock when I was still still unable to get admission into the University after 2 years because of money. I started thinking of ways to become successful…I was advised to learn a "handwork" and my first attempt was to become a computer engineer. 

I learnt it for just 2 months that I was so good at it and started fixing people's computer but never made enough money because I was being underpaid and exploited as a teenager.

Also, I was not having customers consistently except few referrals from existing customers because only few people and cybercafe had computers at that time.

I knew I had to find another source of income to sustain myself and become successful so I can gain admission.

I started looking for other ways to earn money and that was when I stumbled on something that totally transformed my life forever.


I realized very late, but not too late, that all my friends' dad who were mostly Igbos, were not just into any kind of business but import and export business.

I got to know when one of my friend's father was honoured and introduced at a wedding ceremony as "...Chief Ndubuisi Okoroafor, importer and exporter..". That was an eye-opener for me.

In fact, most successful business men I knew were either into importation or exportation of goods.

 I decided I was going to start my own import and export business. I had to join an export logistics company in Apapa, Lagos just to learn this business.

But I was sent to their ICT department to be fixing their computers because they saw I was very good at it.

I tried to follow some of the staff to the Ports to see how products are cleared and exported and hopefully meet some kind exporters who could offer to teach me the business. But no one wanted to teach me. I later find out that

Succeeding in export business is a closely guarded secret....and those who were making millions from the business behave as if it's a cult

This continued for several months until I sneaked my way to the seaport at the Nigerian Ports Authority, Apapa, beating the security officers, just to learn more about this export business.

I was later apprehended by a custom officer who was surprised to see an innocent-looking young man at a restricted-zone. He raised an alarm that attracted others.

To cut a long story short, the security officers were queried and I was sanctioned.

It would have been a very serious case had it been a top custom officer did not bail me out. I told him my intention and he saw my passion to start this business.

He decided to link me up with his friend who would coach me on how to start the export business.

His friend was not just a successful importer and exporter, but also the President of ANCLA (Association Of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents). He also happened to be related to one of my past clients.

The good things he heard about me convinced him; he showed me the secret of succeeding in export and import business without holding anything back .

I learnt the exportation business so fast and secured a contract worth N15 million that would last for 3 months. 

But I had a challenge. I was unable to execute the contract because of finance. I took the contract to "my boss" for joint venture partnership, without protecting my interest. We executed it together, but with his money.

He ended up siphoning the contract and the buyer to himself after paying me a "peanut" out of the profit. I felt cheated.

I was getting lots of export contracts but I had to decline them because of finance and I didn't want to be cheated again by my boss or any other financier. I took the little money I got from my first export contract to start importation business.

Within a year, I made my first million and forgot export business.

I did importation for few more years and was smiling to the bank monthly until the unexpected happened. The high exchange rate to dollar and import duty started crumbling my importation business. 

I was not making enough profit like before. People couldn't afford to buy things in the market due to inflation.

Everywhere you go, you will hear people say "na dollar make am cost". Then it occurred to me. What If I started earning in dollars through exportation business rather than buying dollar to import goods that I will struggle to sell?

So I went back to the drawing board and reviewed my thinking and my plan of action, and something became obvious to me. 

I decided I was going to switch back to export business and I was going to do it in such a way that wont require large capital.

I figured out how to start export business on a small scale, I became successful with it within a year and I gradually move to large scale export, over the years.

I was also helping other experienced exporters get contracts and execute them with my knowledge, resources and connection.

But then something made me feel very bad…

Whenever I come online, I see a lot of Nigerians complaining about the economy; blaming Buhari as the cause of inflation and the high dollar exchange rate.

And to make matters worse, it was officially announced that Nigerians was in recession due to the fall of oil prices globally. Our major source of income as a country, because we were importing more than exporting.

The recession made a lot of Nigerians run from one income opportunity to the next, failing woefully or making peanuts and most getting scammed in MMM,  TBC, MLM, HYIP, Forex, Cryptocurrencies and all the other crap that was pushed down their throat… It is so bad it made my stomach sink.

As a result of the fall of in global oil prices, the Federal Government saw the need for the diversification of the economy and started encouraging export of Non-oil products through agencies and successful exporters like me.

I was contacted by one of these Government agencies to start training Nigerians on how to export. I decided to hold the training online first to see how many people were interested.

Over 700 people including infant and experienced exporters from different parts of Nigeria and outside Nigeria showed interest and participated in the online training.  

They were all happy with the knowledge that was revealed at the training and requested for a physical training.

So, I decided to contact some top seasoned exporters and organization for their support. Together, we hosted the first NIGERIA EXPORT WORKSHOP.

It was really an intensive training with easy-to-do step-by-step BLUEPRINT to help them get started as soon as the following week.

All the speakers and organization over-delivered their promises and we had happy participants who are now successful exporters.

At the end of the training, testimonials started coming…

We have held several editions of the workshop which has raised new exporters and are competent enough to execute the export contracts we give out every month; and now I want you to be part of those exporters.

You are reading this page because you missed the last workshop.  Our goal is to raise 10,000 exporters in Africa that will join our network for export contracts and group export.

Even though we had participants all over Nigeria and even from Canada, London, South Africa and United States that came to Lagos to attend the workshop, we still had many more people like you who were unable to attend due to one reason or the other but want to be part of our success.  

In as much as we’d love to host the workshop regularly, the preparations, logistics and time schedules of the different facilitators would not allow us to do so.

But this is a digital age and anything can be achieved.

The exact code we handed out to our students during our series of workshop has been digitalized so you can access them from anywhere in the world and design your own export business model that will position you as an international trade specialist, doing what you want to be doing ... and, getting paid incredibly well for it.

Export Business Coach

(The First Ever 7 figure Export Business Coaching Program in Nigeria)

How Your Life May Be Transformed…

When I cracked the code to a multi-million Naira export business, even on a small scale. The next step for me was to dissect the code so I could replicate it again. 

I did that and designed this coaching program that made myself and other successful exporters millions in the years that followed, for you.

And it doesn't matter your location, you can be part of this coaching program and begin your export business with the training.


LIVE "Over-the-Shoulder" Practical 12-Week Video Training

Imagine yourself in a lab with your best lecturer who's very fun, smart and really knows how to explain even the most difficult topics so you understand it clearly?

That is what it feels like when you enroll for the Export Business Coach. Myself and other facilitators will be handing over everything we've known and mastered for the last 19 years (collectively) of our export business. Showing you every simple baby step in the whole process. So, pour a drink, sit back and watch as we show you exactly what to do so it will quickly become second nature.


A High-Income Skill You Can Turn To For Life

As long as you can do what we teach in the program, you could have a High-Income Skill that will help you to become your own boss and potentially make a great living in Nigeria and of course, anywhere in the world.

However, that does NOT mean you don’t need to do work. Within Export Business Coach Program, you WILL need to do work to be able to achieve the maximum results. The good news is that, we have simplified everything for you and how you can do this business part time, without affecting your current job or business..


Priority Access To The Exact Tools/Strategies We Use For Export Business And Live Case Studies 

I'm going to take the same tool and strategies that we use in our own export business and hand it over to you. You see, the tools and strategies you use in this business matters. It is like two tailors; one with a blunt scissors and the other with a very sharp one.

What i will be giving to you works like a sharp scissors and it is going to help you "zap" your way to success. You will be able to use this "sharp tools" to get the same results i do. I have also made sure this is 100% practical for you.

With the Live case studies we will be throwing in too, you will be able to fully understand exactly how to run this business like a boss and start doing N500k - 1 Million per month before the end of next month.


Customer Support, Coaching, Followups, Mentorship and Monthly Export Contract Till You Succeed 

You wouldn't just invest in this course and that is all. We will keep following up on your progress and keep giving out valuable content, opportunities, advise and export contract to you till you start making succeeding.

Your success as our customer and partner directly reflect the success of our project (African Business and Exporters Network) to help 10,000 African businesses do more trade globally and we take it seriously, so we'll be there for you every step of the way.

Here's Just A Sneak Peak of What You'll Find In The Member's Area

17+ Video Courses that will will help you accelerate your export business



VALUE: 6,500

In this masterclass, you will be exposed to export business in Nigeria from a different angle.

You will discover why you should start export business and the different approach you can use to start export business.

You will also understand the different terms use in export business, our experiences and stories of the different export business deals we had. 



VALUE: 7,500

In this masterclass, you will learn from 2 different seasoned exporters the procedures to start export business on a large scale, the different paper works and how to get them effortlessly.

You will also understand the different payment methods and which options to choose for certain export contracts.

You will also get to meet different Government agencies you need for your export business.



VALUE: 7,500

In week 3 masterclass, you will discover how to package foodstuffs and label it as your own products before exporting them.

You will also get to see different products and how they can be packaged, including how you can make sure your exportable products can be sold in supermarkets both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.



VALUE: 6,500

In week 4 masterclass, you will learn about the A-Z of export business. The different value chain of export business.

Even if you don’t want to directly export, you will learn other business opportunities you can start within the export business.

You will also learn about our experience and stories about different export transactions that we had. Questions and Answers included.



VALUE: 6,500

You are ready to start export businesss. You have sourced for your products or you know how and where to source them.

But how do you get foreign buyers for the products. How do you market your products to maximize profits and how can you make buyer trust you with their money?

This video explains everything you need to know and do to market your products and also get credible buyers.

You will discover how to detect fraudulent buyers and avoid them.



VALUE: 6,500

In every business, there are challenges. But those challenges can be easily overcome if you have the right knowledge of what to do and how to overcome them.

 This video explains the common challenges in export business, our experiences and how we overcome those challenges.

You will learn how to turn those challenges to opportunities too.

The video also explains export journey from getting buyers, getting the contract to delivering the products at buyer’s destination.



VALUE: 6,500

Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been existing since 1888 (130 years ago).

They are the organization behind the prestigious Annual Lagos International Trade Fair.

In this video, you will learn from them how they can help your business in general including export business.

You will discover how to get access to their different support services as it relate to export business and how you can become a member too.



VALUE: 7,500

EMS NIGERIA is the courier and business arm of the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) A federal Government agency set up since 1986 with the responsibility for effective and efficient collection, conveyance and delivery of time sensitive correspondence, documents or merchandise both locally and internationally.

In this video, top management from the company walks you through how you can use their services for all your export logistics both large and small scale. How to avoid Customs and NDLEA issues.

How to compare and get the lowest shipping rates to any country in order to get more profits.

You will also have contacts details of the top managers who will help you in case you face any challenges with Customs, NDLEA and any other security agencies who want to frustrate your business.



VALUE: 9,500

Tigernuts, popularly known as Ofio in Nigeria is an edible tropical crops that are cultivated mostly in the northern and southern parts of Nigeria respectively.

Consumers of both crops eat them as snacks, with little or no knowledge of their medicinal value and economic potential.

Tigernut can fetch Nigeria N100 billion annually and create direct and indirect employment for over 5,000 people, Director General of Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC), Prof Peter Onwualu, has said.

In this masterclass, you will discover the hidden wealth of Tigernut exportation business.

You will discover how and where to source for the products in Nigeria, how to buy, how to get buyers and negotiate with them, how to get paid,  and practical live demonstration of transactions we did (from start to finish).



VALUE: 9,500

The future of export business in Nigeria is Value Added Products and not raw commodities.

There are many benefits of having your own processed products and exporting them.

In this video, we will take you the process of adding value to any products and selling for a higher price to the international market.

The secret you will discover in the masterclass alone will triple your income in export business.

The good thing is, what you will learn in this business would enable you build your own multi-million Naira business empire.

You will learn how you can make others export for you and reach a wider market.

You will also learn how to penetrate a new export market in a new country, discovering simple ways you can use to start getting buyers request for your products.



 (2 Practical Class and 2 Teleclass, 3 DVDs)

VALUE: 15,000

Contrary to the general belief that you need to have millions before you can start export business; this masterclass will show you how you can start export business with less than 50k.

In fact, you will discover the secret of starting export business as soon as you finished watching the video, with whatever amount you have.

You will learn how to start without a company, NEPC certificate or any other form of certificate that has been a roadblock to many people for not starting.

We will give you the push and all resources you can use to get started.

We will also show you samples of products that are being exported.

Simply put, you will start exporting as soon as you finished watching this video irrespective of your background, academic qualification or financial capacity.



VALUE: 15,000

It is not hard to export charcoal from Nigeria to oversea provided you understand how it works and want to get dirty for cash?

Many would want to get even more than dirty as long as dollars are involved.

To export charcoal to oversea means getting dirty for real dollars.

Exporters are raking in much dollars from Europe, America, Asia, and other cold western regions.

Charcoal is known as ‘alternative energy source’ in the western regions.

The Charcoal industry in Nigeria is a multi billion dollar industry which on its own attracts enough grants from the government to the exporters in other to keep it running smoothly and on a regular basis.

In this practical class by 4 seasoned charcoal exporters and foreign buyers from Dubai, you will learn the different Qualities of Charcoal to Export, Where to Source For Quality Charcoal in Nigeria, Where to Export Charcoal Oversea, Documentation and Standard Procedures involved


VALUE: 7,500

Contrary to the general belief that you need to have millions before you can start export business; this masterclass will show you how you can start export business with less than 50k.

In fact, you will discover the secret of starting export business as soon as you finished watching the video, with whatever amount you have.

You will learn how to start without a company, NEPC certificate or any other form of certificate that has been a roadblock to many people for not starting.

We will give you the push and all resources you can use to get started. We will also show you samples of products that are being exported.

Simply put, you will start exporting as soon as you finished watching this video irrespective of your background, academic qualification or financial capacity.

(1 Practical Class)

VALUE: 7,500

Shoptomydoor is an organization that helps businesses buy products from US and also help to export.

In this practical video training with the CEO, who came all the way from the United States of America, you will learn how to do small export using the drop shipping model.

You will also learn the different products that are easier to export effortlessly without having to source for them in the village.

You don't have to do anything else, just enroll today and copy everything we teach to achieve result

A digital member's area that you can log into 24/7 and a community of other students who are also going through the course to get support from, network with, etc.

The video course is also available in DVD bundles for those who prefer to watch offline

Access to tools, worksheets, PDF summaries, checklists, monthly video trainings, priority access support by phone and chat, consultation and follow up

Monthly access to export contracts, opportunities, export financing and group export.

What People Are Saying:

Edeha Anthony

(Plantain and Foodstuff Exporter, Delta State)


Honestly, N.E.W changed my perspective about the exportation business. My investment in this program all the way from Delta state, where we have several food stuffs wasting and jobless youths on the street, wasn't a waste. Thank you very much Mr. Wealth. 

God bless you.

Ade Olasumbo



Yes, Olatunde Wealth talks about exportation business, workshops and opportunities so passionately in my mailbox that you would even think he's talking to you one on one offline

Temitayo Park

(Wood Exporter, Abuja)


Hello Mr. Olatunde. I read through your mails and I must say I am impressed by your success and decided to learn from you. I enjoyed every bit of the training, it was great and knowledgable. This is my third training from different organizers but the content I got from N.E.W is an eye opener and unique. I appreciate your commitment and mindset toward exporting and encouraging we young ones to partake and be successful in exporting.

Akindapo Ibrahim

(Student, Ibadan)


The follow up and the monthly export opportunities encouraged me to enroll and I have no regret...Well, I would like the organizers to make this go round the country so that all interested citizens can benefit from it. It will also help our economy and create more jobs.

Angela Nwokolo

(Civil Servant, Delta State)


The Nigeria Export Workshop program is an eye opener. Imagine the hidden wealth of bitter kola which I have been missing...This program will help people create job for themselves. God bless the organizers

Is This Program For You?


  • Produce merchants, Infant Exporters, Existing Exporters, Unemployed, Students, Youth Corpers, Civil servants, House-Wives, Small Business Owners
  • Farmers, Product Suppliers, Commodity Brokers, Foreign Buyers, Investors
  • Freight Forwarders, Shipping Agencies, Bankers, Financiers and Government Export Facilitating and Inspection agencies
  • and everyone looking to take advantage of the high exchange rate of dollar to naira as well as, a better alternative source of income.


  • Lazy people looking for a get-rich-quick programs. 
  • Those who want to acquire the knowledge in the program to scam foreign buyers without delivering the product or value.
  • Those looking for some fancy luck or anything like that.
  • Those who are not ready to be coachable. 
All Sales Are Final. No Refunds.

I’ve done everything in my power to make the most effective course on building a successful export business that I possibly could.

I know it works because it teaches the same process that me, my clients, and my students have all used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of export contracts.

That is why there are no refunds for this program. All sales are final.

Lifetime Exclusive Access to a private Facebook and WhatsApp Group

(Value - Priceless)

In this private community, you’ll get access to exclusive contents, on-demand training and successful exporters as well as other fellow students

And beyond this, you’ll be part of a community who has your back - no matter what. This exclusive group will be filled with students and coaches who’ve made millions with export business. You’ll connect with friends who believe in you, secure partnerships and will help you reach your goals. We will also host several hangouts across the country to unwind, learn and strategize for deals and regular opportunities

When you’re in the private community, you will be more inspired, motivated and unstoppable than ever!

This is an INVITE-ONLY community and can shut down at ANY time. All future students may not get access...

But, for a LIMITED Time - YOU DO..

(Value - Priceless)

Sometimes, no matter how clear a process is, you still may have questions about how to implement it in your own export business.

If that happens to you in this course, you’re going to have an opportunity each month to ask your questions to me directly and the rest of the facilitators so that we can answer them live for you on video.

I will give you my personal number and I will also store yours so I will know it's you when you call. That way if you hit any roadblocks we’ll be able to bust through them together.

Stuck on your exportable product or ideal buyers? No problem, we’ll talk about it together.

Have questions about receiving payment or documentation? I have answers.

Wondering where to source for a product, freight forwarders, export contracts and form and what lead generation strategy you should try next? Let’s make a plan.

If we can settle it on phone, we will.

If not, we will fix a convenient date so we can meet and thrash it out.

Instant Membership to African Business and Exporters Network (ABEN)
(Value - Priceless)

African Business and Exporters Network (ABEN) is an international platform that connects trusted African businesses, suppliers and exporters to the global market. Membership application is strictly for trusted and competent businesses after verification. By enrolling in this course, you will get instant approval to the network because we know the knowledge you will acquire will make you to be competent for global trade. You will also earn the trust of foreign buyers easily by becoming a member.

Other benefits includes

Complimentary ticket to African Business and Exporters Network International Trade Fair and other partners events. This will be the largest export trade fair and conference in Nigeria. You will get a complimentary ticket to attend and also exhibit your products for foreign partnerships. Details will be sent to your email. Ticket value =N45,000

>> Access to ABEN Group Export where we export and ship as a group and share profit according to individual contribution.

Monthly Export Contracts and Financing 

(Value - N500,000)

Sometimes, exporters are unable to execute an export contract after securing a deal, especially deals that are worth millions.

By investing in the Export Business Coach, you will have the opportunity of getting funding to execute your export contract up to N5 million (T&C applies). Thanks to our growing network of crowdfunders and investors.

Start Today! 

The total price value of the video courses alone is more than N119,000, when bought separately but the real world value is far more than that and my past students know that I like to give more value for less.

The additional bonuses and support you will get alone is priceless.

But, honestly - this value isn’t correct…This 12 weeks online training is worth more than N2,000,000 per training session in a Business School. I know this because I have been part of the speaker faculties for an export training program organized for mostly head of banks and staffs, who paid that amount per person.

In summary, the coaching program is worth more than that because you will be getting almost instant result while you are still enrolled for the program.

But the Export Business Coach Program won’t cost you anywhere near N2,000,000 or even half of it.

In fact, you only need to invest less than 5% of that if you join the program TODAY.  

For a limited time, you will get access to the program for just N50,000 only.

So, why am I giving this away at such a HUGE bargain? You must be wondering - “WHAT’S THE CATCH?” Why would I offer such an amazing deal at such a jaw-dropping price? Well, it’s simple. 

Honestly - it’s in MY best interest and passion to help you create a killer profitable export business, as fast as possible.

The simple truth is that when you make a lot of money with this program, you’ll tell other people about this Program and African Business and Exporters Network. And the more successful you are, the more successful and stronger the network will become and we can be able to penetrate into other countries faster.

So, obviously if your success allows you to become a better exporter, the African Business and Exporters Network becomes better and stronger and I finally get to profit in the future - sounds fair, right?

Don’t miss out on LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the tools you’ll ever need to run a successful commerce business!

Simply click the button below to enroll and make payment with your card online or via bank deposit.

  • Nineteen 7-Figure Export Business Lessons
  • Access to all the video training above
  • Lifetime access to education materials with on-demand monthly video training
  • Available online videos and DVDs
  • Regular Cost - N119,000
  • Limited Time offer -N50,000
The price is going up. If you wait and come back later,
you’ll end up paying more for Export Business Coach program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Export Business Coaching Program all about?

How soon before I start export business?

How is the training and package delivered and how soon can I receive it?

What if I have no experience?

Will this work where I live?

Can I get the video courses in DVD?

What if I get stuck?

Don't be Left Behind:

Get Export Business Coach Today!

We don't believe in get-rich-quick programs. We believe in hard work, adding value and serving others. And that's what our programs are designed to help you do. Every single income claim and proof we've shown you today are 100% true as stated on the website but the results are not typical, they are our own collective results from 19 years of being an exporter, some other proof and claims are the results of students that we have coached so their results are also not typical. You cannot expect to experience similar results overnight without doing any work and because we don't know how much time you're willing to commit, how experienced you are or your total performance as a human being, we cannot in any way or form guarantee you'll get our kind of results. In Export Business Coach program, We did our best to make sure what we teach you what is working right now but how you apply it and your experience will be the determining factor on the kind of results you will get, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANYTHING. 


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