How to earn six figures weekly working from home as a virtual assistant

In-depth practical, step by step guide on how you launch and grow a successful virtual assistant business FAST earning six figures weekly working with global clients from the comfort of your home.

What if you could...

  • Be available for your children and family whenever you needed or wanted to

  • Say goodbye to a stressful 9-5 for good

  • Gain complete flexibility and freedom over your time

  • Stop worrying about money by bringing extra income to your household

If your answer is yes to some or all of the above then you are right where you need to be. This course has everything you need to become a VA and saves you the time you spend thinking and researching on how to start your virtual assistant career. Take action now!

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VA’s in high demand!

Did you know…

  • The average virtual assistant earns between $25 to$50 dollars per hour
  • There has been a 95% increase in the demand for VA’s over the past 3 years
  • Recent survey by Upwork has shown that 69% of workers are happier as freelancers than employed staffs
  • In 2023 there will be more freelancers than people in paid employment.       

This is amazing right?

With tech advancement and recent changes in the world more businesses are now comfortable working virtually.

They are more opened to hiring freelancers because it saves them time and in the long run money.

So why wont VA’s be in an increasing constant demand?

As a Virtual Assistant, you will help business owners solve real challenges and reduce their workload.

At the same time you’ll be building a sustainable and scalable service business for yourself and if managed well could very become a legacy!

meet your instructor

Hi I'm Damilola

I’m a full time mama and work from home expert currently running 2 business.

For my family, 3 growing children meant growing bills so I was looking for a way that I could earn more money to support our family.

However I also wanted something that would allow me be in control of my time and be around for my children. 

Then I learned about becoming a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and I knew this was it!!

You are about to discover THE BLUEPRINT for earning 6 FIGURES WEEKLY as a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT! And I am super excited for you.

At the start of my journey to becoming a Virtual Assistant, I went all in with my learning. I took paid courses, and went through every material I could lay my hands on.

I won’t even lie, having clients from “de abroad” is sweet because they don’t price your services as if it is meat in the open market.

So, how did I go from being an introverted stay home mum of 3, with no prior tech skills, or marketing skills to becoming a virtual assistant with a steady stream of clients?

Well, here’s the Good news,

I have put together a step-by-step training on this and I would like to walk you through it.

And the best part is, you have a special opportunity to get instant access to it right here, right now.

AND the bestest part is you are getting this literally 100% RISK FREE.

The training is called “The Earn 6 Fig Weekly From Home as a VA Fast Track”

In the training I reveal…

  • The EXACT STEP a beginner should follow to attain the 6 figures weekly mark.
  • How to be paid $25 to $50 dollars per hour as a Virtual assistant, in fact the demand for VA’s is on the rise.
  • Get client from Tier 1 countries (USA, UK, CANADA…) working for them as a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and without pressure!

AND I walk you through the entire process you have to follow to attain to 6 figures per week in the shortest time possible….

Even if you have no skill or have never made any money online before.

What students say about my courses

“I was tired of sitting at home without a job 2 years after graduation. After taking Damilola's course and learning from her, I landed a great job with the UN earning 6 figures monthly working from my house. I wouldn't have been able to get here without you mama DVA. Thank you so much and God bless you.


“My job was destroying my health. Hours in traffic, monthly targets, not being there for my family etc. I knew something had to change. Becoming a VA has been an answer to prayer and the course was worth every penny.


"I was tired of watching video after video on Youtube about how to become a VA. None gave me relevant and actionable steps to help me start until Damilola's course. I wish I had found her sooner. The support from her course was all I needed to launch a profitable business."


"Taking Damilola’s virtual assistant course came at the right time. It was an eye-opener and I enjoyed learning many things regarding how to become a successful virtual assistant. Damilola is also a good coach as she is willing to see and push you to succeed in this field, always willing to teach you everything without holding anything back."


If you were to pay me for my one-on-one coaching program, it would cost you N300,000 Naira to get access to this information.

300k is currently less than $1000 which you can conveniently earn monthly as a VA once you implement what you learn in this training.

Now I know that 300k might be a stretch for some people and because I have set an impact goal of how many lives I want to touch in 2021, I decided to create a course to give more people access to the same information.

The investment fee for the course stands at N60,000 but what I want to do is give you a one-time opportunity to get access to this special training for almost 50% of the regular price.

So, instead of paying N300,000 to work with me privately, or paying N60,000 to get access to the course, you are getting access to the course today for just one payment of N35,000 Naira only.

I’m even going to make this more irresistible by packing it with more valuable bonuses for you so that you won’t be able to say I didn’t cut soap for you.

Bonus 1 ($100 value)
You’ll get a free training on how to use Canva to create stunning professional graphics for your business and also for your clients. 

Bonus 2 ($100 value)
I’ll also cover how you can use MailChimp to build landing pages, and lead magnets to attract your ideal clients and grow your email list. 

Bonus 3 ($100 value)
I’ll give you downloadable access to the same worksheets and business templates I use. These templates will make you look very professional and make your clients take you seriously even though you are working from home. 

Bonus 4 ($300 value)
70 Day Group Coaching & Support. You’ll be added to a group where you get to meet other VA’s and VA’s-in-training.

Here you will be able to enjoy mentoring and coaching and even get an accountability partner to hold your feet to the fire where your goals are concerned.

I wish I had such a support system when I was launching my business 2 years ago instead of having to figure things out on my own.

Anyways I’m grateful for the growth, as it’s made me a better person and positioned me to be able to help you. Even Santa would feel very threatened seeing how much value you are getting.

I read somewhere that “the fastest way to get to a new destination is to ask a person who has been there before”.

What this course will do for you is to save you:

  • The common mistakes you would make if you were to launch your VA business on your own.
  • The time you would spend researching for long hours on how to structure your business and get paying clients from other continents.
  • Gives you the support you will need when imposter syndrome sets in and the fear that you aren’t good enough.
  • This course also allows you interact with other VA’s and alerts you to job opportunities that would be shared in the group for quick grabs.

The only catch is this… this is a one time special offer and the only place that you’re going to see this opportunity is right here on this page.

And if you wait, even just a day, this offer could be gone for good.

Remember you are literally getting this 100% risk free because you are completely protected by my 100% 7-DAY money back guarantee.

This is the way it works…

Once you’ve finished reading this content, click the button below, and sign up for the “Earn 6 Figures Weekly From Home as a VA Fast Track” with your almost 50% OFF DISCOUNT TODAY ONLY PRICE.

You will gain instant access to the whole of the course.

Go through everything and use the practical work sheets and tasks.

Feel free to join the group and check everything out for yourself. If you don’t love what you’ve learned and if it hasn’t helped you, then all you have to do is this…

Simply send us a one line email letting us know that the training isn’t right for you for ANY reason and we will refund 100% of your money.

No questions asked! No worries. And no hoops to jump through, either.

It’s really as simple as that!

Frequently Asked Question

No you don’t. You need to have a basic knowledge of using a computer though.

Yes! You will get free templates and resources that you can download for references to later.

I am willing to give you all the support you’ll need until you get your first client.

You can take the course on your mobile phone, however you will gain more working the practical sessions on a system.

Don’t try to decide if this course is right for you now.

Instead, click the button below so you can get instant access to everything and check everything out yourself.

Remember, you’re completely protected by my 100% money back guarantee, so you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Go ahead and do this right here, right now, while you’re on this page and you’re thinking about it.

Click the button below and I will see you in just a few moments, inside the course.

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