How to earn six figures weekly working from home as a virtual assistant

In-depth practical step by step guide on how to launch and grow a successful virtual assistant business fast earning six figures weekly online from the comfort of your home.

First off, Congratulation!

I know you are thinking ”I haven’t done anything yet, but trust me you have”. You have taken the first step to potentially changing your career and your life by becoming a Virtual Assistant! 

Now is the best time to start you VA journey.

This course has everything you need to become a VA and saves you the time you spend thinking and researching on how to start your virtual assistant career.

Take action now!

What if you could...

  • Be available for your children and family whenever you need or want to

  • Say goodbye to a stressful 9-5 for good

  • Gain complete flexibility and freedom over your time

  • Stop worrying about money by bringing extra income to your household

VA’s are in high demand!

Did you know…

  • The average virtual assistant earns between $25 to$50 dollars per hour?
  • There has been a 95% increase in the demand for VA’s over the past 3 years?
  • Recent survey by Upwork has shown that 69% of workers are happier as freelancers than employed staffs?        

This is amazing right?

With tech advancement and recent changes in the world more businesses are now comfortable working virtually. They are more opened to hiring freelancers because it saves them time and in the long run money.

So why wont VA’s be in an increasing constant demand?

As a Virtual Assistant, you will help business owners solve real challenges and reduce their workload. At the same time you’ll be building a sustainable and scalable service business for yourself and if managed well could very become a legacy!


Want to know more?

No you don’t. You need to have a basic knowledge of using a computer though.

Yes! You will get free templates and resources that you can download for references to later.

I am willing to give you all the support you’ll need until you get your first client.

You can take the course on your mobile phone, however you will gain more working the practical sessions on a system.

What students say about my courses

“I was tired of sitting at home without a job 2 years after graduation. Becoming a Virtual Assistant has given me steady income without the headache of a regular job. The course is absolutely amazing!”


“My job was destroying my health. Hours in traffic, monthly targets, not being there for my family etc. I knew something had to change. Becoming a VA has been an answer to prayer and the course was worth every penny.


"I was tired of watching video after video on Youtube about how to become a VA. None gave me relevant and actionable steps to help me start until Damilola's course. I wish I had found her sooner. The support from her course was all I needed to launch a profitable business."


"Taking Damilola’s virtual assistant course came at the right time. It was an eye-opener and I enjoyed learning many things regarding how to become a successful virtual assistant. Damilola is also a good coach as she is willing to see and push you to succeed in this field, always willing to teach you everything without holding anything back."


meet instructor

Hi I'm Damilola

I’m a full time mama and work from home expert running an Interior and Virtual assistant business. For my family, 3 growing children meant growing bills so I was looking for a way that I could earn more money to support our family. However I also wanted something that would allow me be in control of my time and be around for my children. 

Then I learned about becoming a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and I knew this was it!!

At the start of my journey to becoming a Virtual Assistant, I went all in with my learning. I took paid courses, and went through every material I could lay my hands on.

Launching my business as a VA was the best decision I took. To be honest, I started scared and unsure of myself. 

Who would hire me?  What will people say?

I began promoting my services and then I got the first call from a client inquiring about my services. I was excited and afraid at the same time. After a few conversations, we finalized, I sent her a contract and within minutes, I received a credit alert. She was subscribing for 3 months. I was ecstatic!

Then I got another call from the UK, then landed a client in the US, then at this point, “Impostor syndrome” set in. I began to doubt myself, and wondered if I hadn’t gotten in over my head. Who was I to be getting international clients who were willing to pay for my services as a VA?

I remember one day calling my husband in the middle of the day terrified and ranting away about how I didn’t think I could do this, but he encouraged me and told me to take it one step at a time.

By my second month, I was earning a 6 figure income FROM HOME, and the clients have never stopped calling.

I soon had more clients than I could handle, and had to employ and train someone to join me in the business. I’m not in the phase of scaling my business and hiring more subcontractors.

This is the same me that was scared and unsure of whether or not I could pull this off now became a person turning down clients.

If you are wondering, I’m just a regular work from home mum of three, with no background in IT or coding just a drive to feed my kids and if I can do it so can YOU!

Become a va today

Knowing there are other women like me out there, I decided I was going to help as many women as I could find the freedom and fulfilment working from home as a VA and that’s why I took the time to create this course on how to become a VA. a virtual assistant is the easiest way to make money online while working from home. Let me help you get started today earning six figures in just one month!

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