​"Do This ONE Thing Before Applying for a US Visa as a Nigerian"

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If you plan to apply for a US Visa very soon, what I am about to show you in this article will save you a lot of money and frustration.

That is if you follow my advice though.

Doing this one thing will set you apart from all the clueless Nigerians who apply for a US visa on a daily basis and get rejected.

Before I tell you what this one thing is, let me quickly tell you a story.

Some few years ago, my brother wanted to travel to the US.

So, he did what most people usually do - He asked around for the best agent to help him secure the Visa.

The so-called agent promised heaven and earth and to cut the long story short, my brother paid him N300,000

But his application got rejected.

He tried again with another agent - bringing his total investment to N750,000.

Yet his application got rejected again.

We were both frustrated because we worked hard to get that money.

Now, all the money was gone and there was no Visa

You have probably heard many stories like this one.

Maybe you have even wasted hundreds of thousands on various agents yourself..

Majority of people pay agents huge amount of money because they think these agents have a lot of experience plus special access to special connections.

​But that is a lie.

And that is because, the failure rate of most US Visa agents is about 70%.

Many so-called Visa Agents Don't Even Have a Visa

Which is why...​when it was my turn to apply for a US Visa, I decided not to waste my money on agents.

​​So, instead of paying an agent N300,000 or more, I decided to get to the root of the matter myself.

The first question I asked myself is this:

Why do some people get a US Visa effortlessly while others keep struggling and wasting money ​?

​That question led me to a research that lasted about 6 months.

During these 6 months, I had to watch videos where US consulates were interviewed.

I also had to find those who have a US Visa and asked them what they did that helped them to secure their Visa.

It was tough but I had to do it because I wasn't willing to waste any more money - or go through that same frustration again.

During my research, the first thing I knew was this UGLY truth below:

FACT: The US Embassy Does Not Want to Give You a Visa

​Getting a US Visa is tougher these days than ever before.

One of the reasons for this is because a lot of Nigerians get a US Visa and use it to cross over to Canada to seek Asylum.

And right now, the Canadians are mad about this.

So, they have complained to the US and the US have tightened their Visa approval process.

As a result, they reject a lot of applications fast these days.

And many applications that would have easily gone through years ago no longer approved these days.

​My next discovery came to me via an insight that I got while reading a 2016 report about getting Visas

​​​​​In that report, the author wrote:

​​​​​If you want to go for a US Visa interview...do not make the mistake of going anytime after 9am.


Every single day, there are over 200 Visa applicants that need to be attended to.

And every single day, there is a number of people to give visa to.

Why would you want to fix an appointment when they would have already interviewed over 150 people before you get there?

First, these guys would have been tired.

Secondly, they would have seen several documents and met people that got them annoyed and they simply turn the aggression to you...

So when next you are about to fix a Visa appointment, choose between 6.30am-7.00am and be a part of the first set of people they get to see before others.

This one thing will help you increase your chances of getting a US Visa.

​What I learnt from this report and others opened my eyes to understand​​​​​ the main reason why some people get a US Visa effortlessly which is:

People Who Get a US Visa Effortlessly ​Have Access to Insider Information that Others Do Not Know

​And they apply for a Visa based on​ insider information that puts them at an advantage which is what majority of people don't have access to.

This was the reason why my research took me 6 months because I wanted to be sure that I knew every "inside information" that would guarantee my Visa.

When I was satisfied, I applied for a US Visa by doing 3 things.

(1) I went online to apply for a US Visa by carefully filling the DS-160 form.

(2) Next, I made payment online via GTB (US Visa cost $160/N64,000 per applicant)

(3) Then I scheduled my interview for 6.30 am based on the things I learnt.

On the night before my Visa interview, I lodged at the hotel closest to the US embassy at Adeleke Adedoyin because I didn't want Lagos traffic to show me pepe.

​I lodged at the hotel around 4pm and rested till about 8pm.

Then I got up and started rehearsing every likely question they could ask.

After that, I slept off.

​In the morning, I got up, dressed cool and got to the embassy at 6.15am for my appointment.

​The interview lasted for barely 15 minutes but at the end, I got my 2 years US Visa.

I almost screamed but I kept it inside till I got home.

This was the first time I will ever apply for a US Visa and here I was with an approved 2 years US Visa

​What made the difference was the insider information" I had access to that allowed me to prepare adequately ​and it is was what will help you too.

​There is nothing like getting solid information that would boost your chances in getting a US visa.

These set of insider information also helps you to avoid the main mistakes people make when trying to get a US Visa.

These set of insider information is what I refer to as the "3-Way Insider US Visa Code" to getting a US Visa without an agent.

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