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REVEALED: The "3-Way Insider Code" Ordinary Nigerians Are Now Using to Get a 2 Years, Non Immigrant US Visa

​When you use this 3-way code, you will soon get your passport stamped with a 2 years US Visa , if you don't, you will keep struggling and wasting money to get a US Visa

​If you have been denied Visa before, this "3-way code" is what you need to ensure that your visa is approved the next time you apply​

Dear friend,

My name is Ademiluyi David.

And the first thing you should know about me is...I am NOT a travel agent.

I also do not own a travel consultancy agent.

In fact, the ONE thing I consider myself an expert about is...

I Think I Know How Almost Any Nigerian Can Get a 2 Years, Non Immigrant US Visa Without An Agent

I know...because...I did it.

Earlier this year, I applied for a non immigrant, 2 years US Visa the very first time and I got it.

Apart from that, I have also helped 7 more people this year to get their 2 years, US Visa.

Was it by accident?

The answer is No.

I got it because I followed a special "3-Way Code" that I discovered via research.

You Might Be Thinking...What is the "3-Way Code" All About?

​​The 3 way code is a set of specific insider information that allows you to provide the exact responses that the US Consulate wants to see on your Visa forms and during your interview that will make it almost impossible for you not to get your Visa

These set of information are not known to most people which is why they fail

They are also not known to majority of so-called agents.I am not the only one who has used this "3-way code"

From my research, 97% of people who follow this "3-way code" always end up getting a US Visa.

People who do not follow it to the letter get rejected.

Which is why before you go for your next US VISA interview or  give any agent your hard earned money...you should  ensure that everything you need to equip yourself is known to you to make the process very easy for you.

Instead of paying N350,000 or more to those "greedy agents", you can increase your odds of getting a US Visa - by using this same "3-way code" that has worked for me and others.

Let Me Ask You Some Questions:

  • ​Have you always wanted to travel to the US but scared of getting a Visa?
  • ​Are you scared of paying huge agency fees to agents especially when you don't even trust that your Visa will be approved?
  • ​Would you like to learn the special "3-Way Code" that enabled me to get my own US Non Immigrant Visa the first time I applied even when others who used experienced travel agent were denied?

​If You Answered Yes To Any of these 3 Questions...Then This Is for You:

I have written a 35 paged guide that explains how anyone can use this "3-way code" to apply for a Non Immigrant US Visa and get approved without the help of any agent.

​This guide is only for a special set of people that want something that will put them at an advantage when applying for their US Visa.

It does not matter if you are young or old, man or woman, you can use the information inside this guide to properly prepare yourself for your US Visa interview and increase your chances.

Inside this "3-Way Code US Visa Guide", You Will Also Discover:

  1. ​How you can apply for a US Visa step by step from the document gathering stage to the interview stage.

  2. The number one reason why the US consulate officers may never look at your document during your interview

  3. The exact process of using the interview section to your advantage when asked a series of questions

  4. The ONE thing you must do before going for an interview (80% of people who fail an interview miss this and that is why they get rejected)

  5. How to properly plan for your interview for maximum success

  6. What you need to know about the interview environment the first time you get there.

  7. How to pick an appointment time that is favorable to you in increasing your chances

  8. The five things you need to change if you have been denied visa before you apply for another appointment (Most people don't do this hence the multiple refusal)

  9. My top 5 useful websites to getting a USA student Visa

  10. This guide will also show you how I was able to use the "3-way code" to get a US Visa without going through any agent

I Repeat...

You do not need any agent to help you if you follow this "3-way code" to the letter.

Here is a Testimony From Someone Who Used this 3-Way Code to Get Approved Visas For His Family of 5 After​ Wasting Money On Travel Agents.

What People Are Saying About The 3-Way Code US Visa Guide

​I had the opportunity of getting your book and i was able to easily apply for my own USA Visa and have my appointment date coming up, Having followed all the secrets of preparing for the interview, I know that my chances would be much more better as i had been refused visa before and through your book i was able to know that a lot of things went wrong in the application due to my negligence and believing that the agent would do everything despite paying N180,000 for agency fees. Thanks again

Mr Gbenga
Financial Advisor, Lagos

​Your ​guide is awesome. Just the bonus section alone is superb. I have lost so much simply because I want to relocate to Canada. ​ But through your recommendation for relocating myself and family to Canada, I passed the eligibility test, IELTS test ​and It is just 80% complete all under 6 months, Something have been trying for over 4 years without result and lost over N2m in the process to scams. Thanks once again.

​Mr Udoka
​Lekki, Lagos

When You Get the "3-Way Code" to Getting a US Visa Guide, You Will Also Get the Following Bonuses For FREE:

BONUS ONE: Canada Immigration Made Easy

​​​​Inside the book, I talk about one of the genuine business owners that are helping other Nigerians to get permanent residency in CANADA. Four people I personally know are already living there already through the help of this people and I will only be sharing their process and details Exclusively to those that get my Book. So if you have been denied multiple times and still want to relocate, this will give you access to my genuine contacts that would work with you to get this done. THIS ONE IS 95% GUARANTEED. [Value N15,000]

BONUS TWO:​ Upgrades To The USA Visa Guide

Over time, I will be updating this guide with more content as I meet and talk to various experienced people other than my own experience as regards their own visa interview experience. 

When you get this guide, you will be added automatically to my Paid USA Visa Book Buyers that gets to receive this new update report to better harness you with the necessary information in boosting your chances of getting a USA Visa [Value N7500]

BONUS THREE: 50 Minutes Visa Preparatory Video:

This is a special 50 minutes video made by TWO USA CONSULAR OFFICERS I recently found out which I feel every person preparing to go for an interview should watch.

It will help you position yourself better in your interview process and make things much more easier for you. Trust me, Even though I got my own visa, I still wished I had watched this video session.

You get access to it as part of what you get when you get this 3-Way Code US Visa Guide

Here is How to Get the 3-Way Code US Visa Guide Right Away

You can get instant access to the digital version of the "3-Way Code to Getting a US Visa" within the next 5 minutes and read it before your next interview.

So even if your appointment is tomorrow, the content inside this book might be the very thing that allows the USA Consular Officer to grant you a Two Years Non Immigrant Visa.

The price of the guide (and all included bonuses) is a measly $27 or N10,000

If you think N10,000 is too much for this information, compare that to the hefty fees that agents charge.

The least amount an agent will charge you is N250,000 and many of them don't even know the secrets in this 3-Way Code US Visa guide which is why a lot of people keep wasting money on themm

Get the 3-Way Code US Visa Guide Today For Just N10,000

What You Get Today:

MAIN: The 3-Way Code US Visa Guide

BONUS 1: Canada Immigration Made Easy

BONUS 2: Upgrades To The USA Visa Report Guide

BONUS 3: 50 Minutes Video Visa Preparatory Guide

All For Just $27 or N10,000

To get the guide, click the button below. It will lead you to the order form where you will be able to make payment with your ATM via Paystack.

When you pay via Paystack, be rest assured that your ATM card details are secured.

​NOTE: Once your payment is successful, you will be given instant access to the digital version of this guide (In PDF) and you can start using it immediately.

I Want to Give You Complete Peace of Mind By Offering You a Money Back Guarantee

​If this guide and the information inside does not in any way help you with getting your US Visa, Simply get in touch with me to ask for a full refund of your money over the next 60 days after purchase.

Agents who charge over N200,000 don't give people back their money but I am going to refund your money and you can keep the materials and the bonuses

NOTE: If you need help with ordering, please call ​090-60006485 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm)


P.S: The N10,000 price is not permanent. It could increase anytime. If you want the guide now, do yourself a favour and click here to get a copy.

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