"Through these templates, I made my first N171,000 online. This may be nothing to some, but for me, it's a landmark feat which I'll forever cherish. I look forward to making my first N1 million online soon" - Femi A.


Sneak Peek: Inside The 30-Day Affiliate Commissions

How To Earn N50k - N400k in 30 Days and Even More Using FREE Traffic,  "The Borrowed OPM" Strategy & My "Done For You" Promo Templates...As An Expertnaire Affiliate!

This Is Possibly The Easiest & Fastest Advertising Method To 

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Sneak Preview: Inside The 30-Day Affiliate Commissions

Hi, Onome Maureen here. I want to give you a sneak peek inside the 30-Day Affiliate Challenge training, as well as real-live access to what regular people just like you are saying about the challenge and why they joined. Enjoy below:

Sample Welcome Message for the Challenge:

Only 30 Fast Action BONUSES Available Now!

Sample Challenge Prizes To Be Won:

Sample Strategy to Hit N400k+ In 30 Days

Only 30 Fast Action BONUSES Available Now!

Sample LIVE Webinar Invitation Template:

Only 30 Fast Action BONUSES Available Now!

Register For The 30-Day Affiliate Commissions Challenge Today!

Here's What You Are Getting:


    Comprehensive instructional tutorial training videos 
    detailing everything you need to start and grow a successful Affiliate online business, step by step. All the exact strategies, frameworks, hands-on tactics, real-world examples, mindsets, done-for-you templates, benchmarks, and hard-won breakthroughs to start and grow your own online business.

    VALUE - N150,000

  • My Best FREE Traffic Conversion Methods

    My personally packaged my best FREE Traffic conversion promo methods which you will receive each day for the next 30 days in the Affiliate Commission Challenge.

    VALUE - N100,000

  • FULL BLOWN Done-For-You Promo Content including:

    Done-For-You Facebook Promo Messages

    Done-For-You WhatsApp Promo Messages

    Done-For-You Instagram Promo Messages

    Done-For-You Twitter Promo Messages

    Done-For-You Marketing Promo Image for Facebook & Instagram

    Done-For-You Video Marketing Templates

    Done-For-You Webinar & Seminar Templates

    Done-For-You Viral Images for Social Media promotions

    Done-For-You Follow Up Content and MORE

    VALUE - N250,000

  • The “Borrowed OPM” Strategy & LIVE Webinars With Your Contacts

    This includes TWO strategies in one.

    OPM = Other People's Money & OPT = Other People's Time

    I am GOING ALL OUT for You in this 30-Day Affiliate Commissions Challenge.

    What do I mean?

    TWICE during the 4-Week Challenge on Saturday at 8pm sharp, I will have a LIVE webinar with you and YOUR contacts where I explain more about the affiliate product (72IG implementation program) you will be selling to them.

    I will show them my proofs, explain how the business works and how they too can succeed with it and then I will DIRECT them to buy the product THROUGH you.

    So you get paid 30% - 50% commissions.

    I will also be on the live webinar with my successful students so your contacts will also see that OTHER people like them are successful.

    VALUE - N750,000

  • FREE N1 Million Naira in 60 Days Traffic Interview & PDF    

    I had a LIVE interview with my mystery friend who started his Expertnaire affiliate business right in the middle of the lockdown and using just his mobile phone he banked over N1 million  in 60 days using only FREE Traffic methods. No website.

    For 1 full hour, I quizzed my mystery friend about how he made a 7 Figure income during the Lockdown where people were crying of hunger, not enough money for foodstuff.

    I quizzed him about the Exact STEPS a Beginner with NO Experience can take to go from Zero to ₦50,000… And then from ₦50,000 – ₦150,000. And Increase Earnings From ₦150,000 – ₦400,000+

    Finally, inside the interview, you will discover the Mistakes he shared that YOU MUST AVOID when using FREE traffic methods to advertise your affiliate links.

    This has NEVER been released before!

    This Interview, actually "This Training" is so deep and dynamic, that after it, I got a professional to edit the interview and removed all the spaces and repetitions.

    To make the training comprehensive and bite-sized so you can consume it easily, run with it and be Profitable in the Next 30 Days!

    If you prefer to read text, I’ve got you covered. I got a professional to transcribe the Audio Interview Training into a PDF book, you can read and refer to it throughout the 30-Day Affiliate Challenge.

    Even after the 30-Day Challenge is over, you still have Lifetime Access to the power-packed interview and PDF book.

    VALUE - N100,000

  • Facebook & Telegram Support Groups Community BONUS

    access to a supportive, vibrant COMMUNITY of fellow Successful online business entrepreneurs and challenge members you can turn to for answers, feedback, and encouragement. Get answers from the community in minutes.

    VALUE - N500,000

  • Fantastic Challenge PRIZES To Be Won BONUS

    Check the video above for a preview of the challenge PRIZES.

    VALUE - N500,000

  • Facebook Group Money-Making Machine BONUS

    No business-minded friends or contacts? No worries. You will get a comprehensive training on how to attract only business-minded customers to buy various affiliate products through your affiliate link so you get PAID 50% COMMISSIONS.

    VALUE - N150,000

  • The Social Media Rolodex Bundle BONUS

    365 Unique Post Ideas Used By Top Influencers On Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

    14 Powerful Engagement Methods To Get You More LIKES, Comments, Shares & Sales!

    Proven Best And Worst Times To Post On Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

    VALUE - N150,000

  • Mega Twitter Rolodex Bundle BONUS

    30 Success Mindset Tweets

    30 Profit Through Re-Investing Tweets

    30 Time Management Tweets

    30 Overcoming Procrastination Tweets

    30 Positive Thinking Tweets

    30 Focus & Productivity Tweets

    30 Increase Productivity Tweets

    VALUE - N100,000

Total Value:

But You'll Gain Access At:

Today's Price: N25,000

Only 30 Fast Action BONUSES Available Now!

What People Are Saying About The 30-Day ACC:

Mrs. Joy's Results

Mr. Eze's Results

Mr. Sunday Week 1's Results

Mr. Sunday Week 2's Results

Mrs. Moronke's Results

Mr. Gabriel's Results

Miss Extol's Results

Mr. Femi's Results

Mr. Precious's Results

Mr. Collins's Results

Mrs. Chika's Results

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I Want To Register For The 30-Day Affiliate Challenge Now!

Total Value:

But You'll Gain Access At:

Today's Price: N25,000

Only 30 Fast Action BONUSES Available Now!

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Apart from the 72IG Product, can I use the Challenge training to make affiliate sales for other products?

Who is this 30-Day Affiliate Challenge for?

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