In a World Where 98% of Online Money-Making Opportunities Are Scams:

Complete newbies are legally making as much as N750k a month using their smart phones plus a new & simple money-making technique called the...

"N107k Per Week WhatsApp Income Engine"

"N2 Million Done and Dusted - I Regret Not Starting Earlier"

"As a Student, I Saw My Friend Make N65,000 In a Week. Today, I Have Made Over N650k"

"I Made 7 Figures Within a Year"

"I Have Made Almost N2 Million Within 3 Months"

"Over N10Million In Sales"

"As a Student...In My First 4 Days, I Crossed Over a Million Naira"

"N1.3 Million Within 2 Months As a Youth Corper"

"I Was Earning N30k a Month As a Secondary School Teacher - Within a Year, I Have Made N3.6 Million"


Good. You should be. Because this is far from normal.

I will erase every last bit of your skepticism in just a few minutes.

Right now, I need you to pay close attention to every word on this page.

In the next few minutes, you are going to be introduced to a new world that most people don't know about.

A world where normal people like students, youth corpers, employees, small business owners are legally making as much as N100k a week or even N750k a month using nothing than their smart phone and internet connection.

And...this is possible because of a simple money making system known as the N107k per week WhatsApp Income Engine.

There are only 5 steps to making money as fast as possible with this N107k/week WhatsApp Income Engine and I will introduce you to the 5 steps later.

You see...When you combine the WhatsApp on your smartphone with this money making system...

You too can start to make N50k, N100k, N200k or even N300k per week just like a lot of people like you are already doing.

Actually, how much you can make with this WhatsApp income engine and how often depends on you.

There are people like Adebayo Adeboye who use it to make N100k weekly.

And there are people like 20+ year old Caleb who use this system to make N700k in a week

And there is Obialor Uchendu who uses this system to generate N300k - N550k a month from a village in Abia state.

In fact, there was a time he made N652,000 in just one week.

Then, there is Bruno Nwogu who has used this system to make N9m+ in 8 months.

After his NYSC, Bruno used to work as a data analyst for a company in Lekki.

His salary was N40k a month out of which he spent N30k on jumping bus from mainland to Lekki every Monday to Friday.

Even though he was introduced to this money making system by his friend Oge, he was skeptical about it and didn’t believe it like a lot of people.

He knew it wasn’t another MMM or Ponzi scheme or any of the hundreds of get rich quick scams online. But he wasn’t sure enough if it would work.

In fact, On July 9, 2020 he actually went to his Twitter page to post how unbiased he was about it.

But he was surprised when he started to make money.

His first weekly payout was N104,000.

Then it quickly grew to N3.1m within a space of 4 months.

Eventually, he quit his job and focused more on this.

Within the space of 8 months, he was able to generate over N9m with this method.

I can keep mentioning the names of hundreds of people who are using this system to print money but we will get back to that later.

By the way, you should know that NONE of the people I have mentioned so far are up to 30 years old.

Yet, they are making in a week what most people make in a month or even a year.

As you pay close attention to the information in this video, you too will be able to start making money with the N107k/week Whatsapp Income Engine within minutes from now from anywhere.

The good thing about this N107k/week Whatsapp Income Engine is how it removes the major complications that make it difficult for people to make money online.

  • For example, you don’t need extra cash to get started.
  • You don’t need a laptop.
  • You don’t need to register a business.
  • And you don’t need any special business skills.

The only two things you need to start making money are your smartphone and the Whatsapp Income Engine you are going to learn about.

This money making system known as the N107k/week Income engine Is For You If:

You are a struggling entrepreneur who wants a proven way to generate income while working on your business.

You are an employee who wants more income.

You are a tertiary school student or youth corper ready to start life.

As a matter of fact, many of the people who now make over N200k a week with this system are young people.

There Are 2 reasons why this WhatsApp Income Engine works for people who try it

  • The first reason is that it takes advantage of the fact that almost everyone with a smartphone uses WhatsApp and they use it often.
  • The second reason is that it works based on the fact that it allows you to leverage other people's skills and resources so that you don't have to do all the work or start anything from scratch.

I am now going to tell you what this N107k/week Whatsapp Income Engine is, how it works and how you can start making money with it within minutes from now.

So, pay close attention.

My name is Toyin Omotoso.

You might have heard about me from reading my books….my blog or from any of my 10,000+ students

You might even know me on Twitter where I share valuable information with my 56,000+ followers about increasing your income and living a better life.

I have been making money online FULL TIME since 2010.

That is like 11 years ago.

During this time, I have also trained many people how to do the same.

Many of them are now big boys.

All that doesn't really matter actually.

What matters right now is the information I am giving you and what you are going to do with it.

Let me start by telling you how this N107k/Week WhatsApp Income Engine came to be.

Like I said earlier, I have been making money online since 2011.

Based on my years of experience...

I found out that the easiest way for a beginner to start making money online is via a business model known as Affiliate Marketing.

In case you are hearing that for the first time, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model where you help people sell their products online and you get paid a commission each time you make a sale.

And this is no small industry.

According to Google, the global affiliate marketing industry is worth $12 Billion. That is Billion with a capital B.

The problem was that - many Nigerians didn’t know how to take advantage of affiliate marketing to make money online.

Since I already knew how to make money selling affiliate products, I created an online course that is called the 72IG System in February 2019.

This first 72IG online course basically taught people how they can make money online by selling affiliate products using a combination of Facebook ads and emails which was what I was using to succeed with affiliate marketing.

Before you know it, many of the students who took the 72IG course started using it to make a lot of money online.

For example, Olagoke Dotun made over N9m with it.

And there are several others who made anything from N1m - N6m a year with it.

Between April 2019 - April 2020, I used the 72IG system to make N9,418,000 working part time because I run 2 other businesses.

The First Version of The 72IG system was very effective but there were some problems.

The main problem is that the first version of the 72IG system required some capital to implement it. 

That is because you will need to pay for a website, pay for Facebook ads and also pay for software for sending emails.

That is about N75,000 capital to get started.

Another thing was that a lot of newbies were finding it difficult to implement it fast.

So, I started thinking.

What can I do to help complete newbies to start making money as soon as possible?

That was when I realized that people could actually start selling affiliate products using WhatsApp on their phone.

So, I created a short PDF report on how people can make their first 2 - 5 sales with affiliate marketing using WhatsApp.

Little did I know that this was going to turn into something else.

In early 2020, people started using the information inside the short WhatsApp report I created and their results went crazy.

The first person to start getting amazing results via WhatsApp was a guy called Sola Mathew.

Within 30 days, he made a little over N300k.

Fast forward to 3 months later, he made over N1m with it.

This was his post on our FB group based on his results.

But that was not all.

Other people who have never made money online also started making mega money with the WhatsApp techniques.

So, we expanded the WhatsApp marketing information in the 72IG course and shared it with students of the 72IG system.

That was when people’s income started to BLOW UP!

First, we had this guy, a 400L student who made N1,332,000 within a week using nothing but WhatsApp.

I had to interview him myself and I posted the interview on my blog for other affiliates to learn from it.

Then other people also started using these WhatsApp techniques to make a lot of money.

I am talking about students, youth corpers, bankers, lawyers, even medical doctors.

I refer to this money making system as the N107k/week WhatsApp Income Engine because when I calculated how much my students have made with it per week, it came down to N107k/week per person.

To be frank, in my 11+ years of making money online, I have never seen any method that takes a complete newbie from zero to N750k as fast as this WhatsApp income engine.

By now, it was clear as day that the fastest way for a complete newbie to start making money online is with a combination of...

Affiliate Marketing + WhatsApp

The only thing remaining was a clear step by step blueprint that a complete newbie with ONLY a smartphone can follow and start making money.

That is what lead to the 5 steps to making money as fast as possible below:

Here Are The 5 steps to making money as fast as possible with this N107k/week Whatsapp Income Engine:

STEP 1: Sign up as an affiliate on Expertnaire - Expertnaire is the affiliate marketing platform you will be working with and they sell digital products.

These digital products are usually in the form of reports, books and online courses that help people.

This is good because every year, people spend billions of dollars on various books, courses and training programs.

According to a data firm known as Valuates report, the elearning market was valued at $226B as at 2020 and is projected to go up to $370B by 2026.

On the Expertnaire platform, you will be able to choose from many of the digital products available and promote them as an affiliate - and whenever you make a sale, you will be paid a commission - usually a hefty one.

For example, let’s say a certain product sells for N50,000 and pays N25,000 to affiliates.

When you make a sale of this product, you get paid N25,000 and your commission is automatically credited into your Expertnaire account.

And every Friday, Expertnaire pays your commissions directly into your bank account.

You will also get an email to that effect just like this one below.

You should also know that Expertnaire has been in operation since 2018 and has been paying affiliates every Friday since.

Normally, registration as an affiliate on Expertnaire cost N10k a year but I will tell you how you can get a year free later on in this video.

STEP 2: Choose a HOT product from the Expertnaire marketplace that you can sell.

When you login to the Expertnaire platform, you will see many products available for you to market.

As a registered affiliate on the platform, you can promote any of the products listed in their marketplace.

The most important thing here is to make sure you choose a product that can sell and pays good commissions.

STEP 3: Set up the WhatsApp line you intend to use to market. 

Some people use their personal lines but I think using a different line from your personal line is better.

There isn’t a lot to do here.

The main thing is for you to setup a welcome message for everyone who shows interest in the products you are promoting. This is your WhatsApp list.

When you start promoting your product, people who are interested in buying will be contacting you via this WhatsApp line and you will be responding to them using a well perfected sales script that comes with the WhatsApp Income Generator.

STEP 4: Add the contacts of potential buyers to your WhatsApp list. 

There is a special way of doing this.

You can start from your normal phone contacts BUT the best way to do this is via social media.

I am talking about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and even Youtube. These are the places where you can find thousands of people who will be willing to buy the products you are promoting.

And you can do this without running adverts. Even if you don’t have more than 30 followers on social media, there are strategies that you can use to start getting sales as fast as possible.

STEP 5: Conversion - Deploy the WhatsApp content templates & sales scripts to get people to buy the product you are promoting.

For many people, the way they sell on Whatsapp is they post a bunch of adverts on their Whatsapp stories and expect people to respond to them and this rarely works well.

Even when people respond to them, they end up losing the potential buyer because they don't know the right things to say that will make people buy.

But you will be doing things differently because unlike them, you will get trained by me and my team of money makers.

When you apply these 5 steps, you can quickly go from zero to as much as N750k a month or more and the only 3 things you need to get started are:

1. A smartphone with WhatsApp installed.

2. An Expertnaire account.

3. The full knowledge on how to implement the N107k/week WhatsApp income engine.

I believe you already have a smartphone.

Even if you don’t have one, you can easily borrow one from people using theirs to play games or watch movies.

Then, for the Expertnaire account, I will soon tell you how you can get a 1 year affiliate account for FREE.

The ONLY thing remaining at this point for you to start making money right now is the knowledge on how to implement this money making system.

By the time you follow my guide and implement this N107k Whatsapp Income Engine, the next thing is for you to start getting payment notification emails from Expertnaire on Fridays like these:

I want you to imagine yourself in a few months from now having an extra income of N750,000 per month.

How will it change your life?

Think about it.

Let’s say you are not able to make up to N750k a month with this.

Let’s say you are only able to make half of that.

That will be an extra N375,000 a month or N4.5m a year.

Don’t you think that will improve your life?

That extra N4.5m can easily buy you a new car.

Or you can use it to buy a plot of land and start building your house.

Or if you like, you can use it to start another business that will make you more money.

Or even use it to settle your debts so you can have peace of mind.

But let’s even say for some reasons, you can’t make N375,000 a month with this system.

Let’s say you are only able to make half of N375,000 a month.

That is still an extra N187,000 a month or N2.2m a year.

We both know that will change your life.

And that is what I want to help you achieve just like I have done for several people.

I have already shown you how the 5 steps of this income system works but I want you to be able to set it up and start making money.


The 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator

The 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator is the new training that makes it possible for you to implement the 5 steps of the N107k Per Week WhatsApp Income engine even if you have never sold anything online before.

The good thing about this training is that it is something you can complete within a day and start to implement it.

That is because there are only 9 videos in the training and many of the videos are not even up to 30 minutes.

Just by following these videos, you will be able to pick a hot selling product from Expertnaire, attract potential customers who are willing to buy the product from Social media and other platforms, and sell to them using WhatsApp contact.

These 9 videos take you by hand and walk you through what to do to go from zero to N750k a month or more using a combination of WhatsApp and Expertnaire.

VIDEO 1 is the introductory video. It helps you understand what affiliate marketing is and what you need to succeed with it.

VIDEO 2 helps you to understand the Expertnaire platform and how you can use it effectively as an affiliate.

VIDEO 3 helps you to understand how to pick a hot selling product, understanding the product and the buyers.

VIDEO 4 is an introduction to the WhatsApp sales funnel for promoting affiliate products

VIDEO 5 shows you how you can start making money by using WhatsApp to promote to the contacts you already have.

VIDEO 6 shows you how you can make MEGA money by using WhatsApp to promote to people who don't know you.

VIDEO 7 shows you how to use WhatsApp status to build a relationship with your WhatsApp contacts, follow up on them and promote other products to them.

VIDEO 8 shows you how to properly setup your smart phone and WhatsApp for business.

VIDEO 9 shows you how to get FREE traffic from 3 different sources to promote the affiliate products you are selling.

Apart from the 9 Videos in this training, you will also get 2 PDFs that Makes Selling on WhatsApp Simple For You:

These 2 PDFs contain content templates and well perfected sales scripts that help you trigger interest and get people to buy the product you are promoting.

We created these WhatsApp content templates to make it easy for a beginner to know what type of content to use for marketing on WhatsApp.

Actually, there are 5 major types of money making WhatsApp contents that work together to help you convert people on your WhatsApp contacts to buyers. You will learn what they are and when and how to use them.

Then the well perfected WhatsApp sales script guides you to know what to say to potential buyers on WhatsApp so that they bring out their money and buy what you are selling.

But That Is Not All...

When you get the 72IG Whatsapp Income Generator you will also get access to the following bonuses:


The 72IG Implementation Program 2.0

This version 2.0 of the 72IG Implementation program takes your money-making and digital marketing skills to a new level.

While the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator helps you to sell affiliate products using WhatsApp, this training teaches you how the big boys sell products online using a combination of Email marketing and PPC traffic. 

But apart from that, this training basically sharpens your selling skills and turns you into a digital marketer.

A lot of people have been able to use the skills they get from the main 72IG course to create extra sources of income for themselves.

An example is Clem Adu who makes extra income running Facebook ads for a client just because he learnt how to do it from this 72IG implementation course.

Or Ezekiel Oladuti who is getting high paying online jobs because of the digital skills he was able to acquire from this program.


Done for You WhatsApp Campaigns For 3 Hot Selling Products on Expertnaire

To ensure that you start making money almost immediately, my team and I came up with a done for you WhatsApp Income campaigns for 3 hot selling products on Expertnaire.

What this means is that you can simply plug this in and start using it to generate income once you lay your hands on it. 


1 Year FREE Affiliate Expertnaire Account

This one is straightforward.

You will need an Expertnaire affiliate account which normally cost N10,000 a year.

But you will be getting one year for free.


Twitter Money Blueprint

This is a video training that normally sells for N25,000.

It walks you through how you can use Twitter to get tons of free organic traffic to your WhatsApp list or to sell anything.


50% Affiliate Commissions For The 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator

As a student of the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator, you will also be getting a whooping 50% Commission when you refer someone to buy the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator on Expertnaire.

By default, this 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator pays 30% to affiliates if you go to the Expertnaire platform right now, but when you become a student, you will have access to a special link that allows you to get 50% per sale which is a lot.

With this, you only need to make 2 sales to make your money back.


Continuous Support & Guidance

We understand the importance of continuous support.

Since I want you to succeed, my team and I will be giving you a 3-hour online training every week.

During this weekly training, you will be able to ask questions and we will help you tackle any challenges you might have. This continuous support is priceless.

Here Is a Summary of What You Are Getting So You Can Get Started Asap:

  • You are getting the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator - The complete step by step training that takes you by hand and walk you through what to do to go from zero to N750k a month or more using a combination of WhatsApp and Expertnaire. (Value - N750,000)
  • You are getting version 2.0 of the 72IG Implementation Program which teaches you how the big boys sell products online using a combination of email marketing and PPC traffic and takes your digital marketing skills to a new level. (Value - N800,000)
  • You are getting a done for you WhatsApp Income campaign for 3 hot selling products on Expertnaire to help you start making money as fast as possible. (Value - N150,000)
  • You are getting a 1 year FREE affiliate Expertnaire account which is normally N10k a year. (Value - N10,000)
  • You are getting my Twitter Money Blueprint which helps you get tons of free organic traffic to your WhatsApp list. (Value - N25,000)
  • You are getting a whooping 50% Commission per sale when you refer someone to buy the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator via Expertnaire. (Value - N25,000)
  • And you will also be getting access to a 3-hour weekly online support and training class where we will be helping you tackle any of the challenges you might have and help you succeed.  (Value - Priceless)

TOTAL VALUE: N1,735,000

As you can see, the total value of what you are getting here is N1,735,000.

If that sounds expensive, I need to remind you that people pay as much as N5m or more to get a masters degree or certifications that will only add maybe N50k or N100k a month to their income.

I know that what people need is something that puts real cash in the bank as soon as possible.

Even if I charge N750k for this 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator plus the extra bonuses, it is still worth it but I won't do that.

So, a program that can help you add as much as N750k a month in a shorter time should be worth more than that.

But you definitely won't be paying anything close to N5m or N3m or even N1m.

So, Here Is the Deal:

The retail price for the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator plus Additional Bonuses is N65,000 only.

Since this is a one time investment, let’s divide that by 365 which is the number of days in a year.

That gives us N178 a day.

If you can’t afford to invest N178 a day on a program that is most likely to improve your income, then I wonder what you are spending your money on.

NOTE: This product does not have a money back guarantee. All Sales Are Final. No REFUNDS!

But you only get this discount if you register right now.

This N65,000 price for the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator won't always be here.

Back in 2019, the first 72IG program sold for N17,000.

Then it increased to N30,000.

Then it moved to N35,000

Then N40,000

Then N45,000

And right now, it is N65,000.

If you delay, it simply means you might have to pay more money.

But why would you even delay an opportunity like this that can start adding to your income as soon as possible?

So, click the button below and register immediately.

NOTE: This product does not have a money back guarantee. All Sales Are Final. No REFUNDS!

All Sales Are Final. NO REFUNDS!

At this point, I have to let you know that this product does not have a money back guarantee and the reason is simple.

If you are buying it because you already want to fail and collect your money back, then we will rather prefer that you do not get it.

This program is for people who really want to win and are ready to put in the required efforts to do so.

If that is not you, then don't get the program.

It is as simple as that.

Then if you think N50k is a lot of money to invest in a valuable program like this, let me remind you that you are getting 50% commission as an affiliate if you make a sale of this same training.

That 50% commission is N25,000.

What this means is that you only need to get 2 sales to make your money back and you can do that within 48 hours.

With what you are going to discover, you will realize that even if you are a slow learner, you will be able to generate 2 sales within your first week.

After that, every other sale you make is 100% profits.

By now, I know you are still searching in your mind if you should get this 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator or not.

I wish I could tell you 10 more reasons why the N50,000 for this program is a great investment for you but I am going to leave you to decide that for yourself.

I have already shown you how this is changing the lives of various people.

I am also going to put several testimonies from people under this video so that you can hear what people are saying.

At the end of the day, it is your life and it is your money. You can do whatever you want with both.

The clock is ticking.

Click the button below and get started right away.

NOTE: This product does not have a money back guarantee. All Sales Are Final. No REFUNDS!

Once you are on the order page, you can pay with Paystack or Flutterwave.

Whichever one you choose, they have options for you to make payments via your card or bank transfer or USSD or even barcode.

Once your payment goes through, you will get immediate access to the program and our team will help you set up your FREE 1 year Expertnaire affiliate account within 48 hours.

If you are having any challenges with placing your order or accessing this product, simply email [email protected] and the Expertnaire support will be glad to help you.

Many of the people who are succeeding with the 72IG WhatsApp Income system are regretting that they started late.

For example, below is the screenshot of a tweet by Dr. Kelly Ola who just became a medical doctor the same month. 

He posted this tweet on July 7, 2021 when he made his first million Naira with this same income system.

He ended the tweet with the words “I hope you won’t be wishing you did months later.”

I hope so too.

I am going to end with this my favourite quote from Buddha which says - "The trouble is, you think you have time"

Now is the time for you to make a decision that will improve your life in a big way.

Click the order button below and get started today.

NOTE: This product does not have a money back guarantee. All Sales Are Final. No REFUNDS!

Nothing Here - Just More Real Life Testimonials From People Who Gave This Money-Making System a Try

"N1 Million In My First Month"

"I Made Over N2 Million"

"Over N5 Million In Sales"

"I Have Made Millions In Less Than A Year"

"N1 Million Commission Within 4 Months"

"N1.5m Under 3 Months"

"I Have Earned Over Half a Million Already"


You Have Seen This Money-Making System Works. Sign Up to Get Started.

NOTE: This product does not have a money back guarantee. All Sales Are Final. No REFUNDS!

"I Didn't See Myself Making This Much"

"I Was an Ordinary Guy"

"NI Million In Less Than 2 Months"

"6 Figures in 7 Weeks"

"I Now Make At Least N100k Weekly"

"Over N500k In Two Months"

"N111k in My First Month"

"I Have Made 20X The Amount I Paid"

"N20k - N120k Per Week"


You Have Seen This Money-Making System Works. Sign Up to Get Started.

NOTE: This product does not have a money back guarantee. All Sales Are Final. No REFUNDS!

Even More Glowing Testimonials From Students of The 72IG Program


You Have Seen This Money-Making System Works. Sign Up to Get Started.

NOTE: This product does not have a money back guarantee. All Sales Are Final. No REFUNDS!


This is me with the new breed of online Nigerians who make N400k to N1m a month working mostly from their phones.

NOTE: This product does not have a money back guarantee. All Sales Are Final. No REFUNDS!


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(4) This product is NOT protected by Expertnaire's 30 days refund policy. Instead, it depends on the vendor's conditional money back policy which says - All sales are final, no refunds.

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