In A Situation Where Naira Keeps Drooping and Our Daily Cost of Living Keeps Increasing day after day…

Here is how Informed Nigerians Are Legally Making as much as N650k a month using this simple money-making Technique called the…

“Buy Cheap In China and Sell high in Nigeria Income System”

Dear Friend,

Did you know that making N30,000 in 2019 is better than making N50,000 presently in 2022?

Yes, it is true.

In 2019, if you have N30,000 in your bank account, you are a king on your own.

With that N30,000, you can live happily and easily feed youself without begging anyone for food.

And here is why:

Gas refelling is just N350, and cost of feeding is not high.

In fact Dollar rate to Naira is just N361.

And Right now in 2022?

Everything has changed, and it has become Tougher.

It is not as easy as it was in 2019.

Gas is now N750 (depending on your location)…. 

And what about the cost of living… it has increased.

In fact Surviving on one source of income is not easy anymore unless you are making at least N200,000 per month.

And this present situation we are in 2022, makes me remember a quick flashback to early 2018 when my finances were at its all-time low…

And that was when I realised that if you don’t have money, people won’t take you serious.

They will look at you as if you are useless, as if you do not deserve any respect… 

…just because you don’t have enough money.

At that point in 2018, I was so frustrated and tired…

Waking up in the morning and not knowing what to do…

Tired of people asking of what I was doing with my life…

Tired of those small yahoo boys looking at me with a shameful face just because I told them that I’m not intereted…

To be honest, it was really tough…


A grown-up guy, living in my girlfriend’s one-room student apartment.

At that point in my life she was the boyfriend while I’m the girlfriend.

Waiting for my parents before I could survive…

If you’ve ever had people talk to you about what you’re doing with your life…

Looking at you as if you’re throwing your life away…

… then, you might understand why I desperately wanted to change my story…

And show everyone that I wasn’t a failure.

So I started looking for legitimate ways of making money online that could pay me at least N350,000 every month (consistently…)

With the freedom to work from anywhere in the world without waiting for any boss.

At this time, that’s when God sent an helper that helped me have access to learning Facebook Ads from two USA based mentors.

After learning the skill, I was making money, but it wasn’t a lot of money.

Some months I will make N95,000, while in some months, I will make just N50,000.

The money is not consistent, and I don’t want something like that.

I don’t want to live my life in that way…

I want something consistent…

I want to be in control of my own life, not controlled… 

I want to have my own business and be a boss.

And that’s what makes me learn about the New buy Low and sell High E-commerce business.

Sure enough, the beginning was tough and I made tons of mistakes.

But this totally changed my life, and I started making money.

And it took me like 6-weeks before I did my first N1 Million from E-commerce… (With what you will learn inside from me, you don’t have to wait for weeks to start making money…)

Fast-forward today…

I’m making nothing less than N2 Million Naira every month and things started going smoothly for me.

I begin to live my life exactly how I want it. As a master, not a slave.

And of course…

With my progress in this Business…

Nobody ever asks me what I’m doing with my life anymore.

Money is coming in, and I never beg anyone for money again.

Plus, I’ve grown to the point where:

I’ve Helped 100s of Regular People …(With No Online Money Making Experience) Go From Making Zero to N250,000, N300,000, N750,000+ in Sales Every Month!

Since I already knew how to make money selling ecommerce products, I created an online course that is called the 30 Billion Ecom Geng in February 2019.

This first 30BG online course basically taught people how they can make money online by selling ecom products using a combination of Facebook ads and shopify which was what I was using to succeed with ecommerce business.


Most of the students who took the 30BG course then started with no e-commerce experience…

But today, they’re making just enough money …

To take good care of themselves and their loved ones.

For example, take Abimbola Taiwo, who made over N300k in his first month of starting ecommerce business. 

Before he found me, he had just graduated from university.

He was ready to “start his life”… but not like how many of his friends who graduated before him were living their lives.

No decent job after many years of graduation…

Most are still at home, waiting and searching for a job up and down… 

He’s not ready to start his life with a N30 000 per month job…

…But he wasn’t sure how to go about it….

Until he found me on a particular WhatsApp group

At the time…. he didn’t have any eCommerce experience.

But he was ready to learn…

He was ready to change his story….

So I showed him what he needed to start making money.

And just recently. . .

Look at what he posted on his WhatsApp status.

the funniest thing is that before that month-end, he was able to generate

Not bad, for a guy who started out with no experience.

Or take Smart NDK… 

Before he found me through one of his friends…

He was already making money from his eCommerce business…

But he wanted to make more because he was about to get married…

So he wants to be earning at least N450,000 every month doing eCommerce business…

Just enough money to have a happy home with his wife,

To live a peaceful life without anyone disturbing him… 

Or telling him what to do with his life.

Soon enough, he discovered me, and he reached out to me.

You can watch this short testimonials from awesome students

See One of My Student Who made his First N1Million at 16!

Here is another student of mine 

He decided to give it a shot.

Fast-forward today… 

“N1.1 Million Within 1 Months As a Youth Corper”

Sleak is my friend and my Guy from day zero.

“As a Student…

In My First 30 Days, I Crossed Close to a Million Naira”


Good. You should be. And it is totally understandable…

Because this is far from normal.

Considering the huge number of online scammers promising the moon and not delivering on their promises.

I will erase every last bit of your skepticism in just a few minutes.

Right now, I need you to pay close attention to every word on this page.

My name is DYNAMO.

If you’re not my friend or in any way part of my circle, there is the probability that you might not have heard about me before…. 

I’m a silent eCommerce guy and I don’t shout on social media or show off because I believe in peace of mind and Total Freedom.

I have been making money doing Ecommerce FULL TIME since July 2018.

That is like 4 years ago.

During this time, I have also trained 100s of people on how to do the same.

Many of them are now big boys.

All that doesn’t really matter actually.

What matters right now is the information I am giving you and what you are going to do with it.

And just In case you are hearing about Ecommerce Business for the first time, eCommerce business is a legitimate business model where you buy and sell online without leaving your room or having any physical store.

And no… you’re not scamming anyone.

What we do is very legal and legit…

In fact, many of the people who’ll be buying what you will be selling…

Are already looking for where they can buy that kind of product.

So it’s a business you’ll be super proud of.

There is a ready market, and people are ready to buy

And in fact 

All you’re doing as an Ecommerce Guy…

…is simply using facebook to sell products that people are already looking to buy… 

Pretty straightforward right?

If you’ve ever bought anything online… or seen “a sponsored ad” on Facebook…

…Then you already have a pretty good idea of what eCommerce business is

You’ll be using the power of “Social media” to make money by selling profitable products that people are already looking for and ready to buy.

And if that’s something you (and your loved ones) can be proud of, then you’re welcome to join our industry.

Our industry is not a small industry.

According to Google, the global Ecommerce Business industry is worth $1.1 Trillion. That is Trillion with a capital T.

And last year Nigerian Government Trade estimator reported that:

Worth of Ecommerce Business in Nigeria is $12 Billion Dollar. 12 billion Dollars Not in Naira

Making N1,000,000 Naira in this business sector is like making a peanut of $2,000 from the $12 billion business sector.

Is like taking a cup of water out of an ocean of water.

The problem was that – many Nigerians didn’t know how to take advantage of eCommerce business to make money online.

You see a lot of them  take  e-commerce as a little Business where they can be making 300k per month.

And when I showed them how much I made from e-commerce in 30days they were all shocked.

On a Cozy Monday morning I opened my phone as usual and I saw that Accessbank had sent me my monthly bank statement.

I decided to check out of curiosity and saw I had done over 17 Million in just 30 days.

Using my simple buy low and sell high Ecommerce Business System I was able to generate N17 Million Naira in just 30 days between November and December.

From 2019 till now, I have indeed taught over 100 students to do the same.

Lucky enough, today is also your own lucky day to be part of my N1 Million student base 

Want to know how?

Watch This Video And See How It Is Done 


  • You get trusted contacts to procurement, distribution and delivery agents
  • You get access to 24/7 support through our Telegram and WhatsApp Group! Guess What? You have access to me!
  • You get access to my hand picked 30 hot product ideas you can start out with!


If you’re interested in having the monthly income and lifestyle freedom that comes with the kind of Business we do… I’m confident I can help you.

And if you’re like most of my successful students who don’t like shouting…

A private person who prefers to make money quietly…


… Working “behind the scenes” and making money everyday…

Here’s something you have to keep in mind:

My method of doing eCommerce business here in Nigeria is simple and easy.

It is not “Come and Buy My Market” style

Nothing like “Bring 2 People” Needed

No need of begging people to help you repost what you’re selling…

I want to let you know you won’t have to do any of that.

See it as something like “Silent Money”

Except, it’s very Lucrative and Low Capital Business

Zero Risk Involved 

Nothing like Dip in Ecommerce

It’s simple and there’s nothing complicated to learn.

But the most important is…


Imagine… buying product below for $1 and selling it for N12,500

That’s a 1150% Profit.

Is Just like buying Bitcoin in 2016 and selling it in 2022

But with eCommerce, you don’t need to wait for years or months before you can start making money unlike crypto.

Imagine… buying the product below for $3 and selling it for =N=20,000.

That’s over 600% Profit

There are literally hundreds of products like this that you can buy low and sell high within days.

And inside my new training, I show you exactly how to do it step-by-step.

Obviously, I’m not teaching you how you can be making N2000 per product… or N150000 every month…

Ecommerce is far beyond that, how many months will you have to wait before you can make N1,000,000

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