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Right Now, the richest people in the world like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, JP Morgan and others are using this wealth creation system to multiply their money on a daily and weekly basis.

Yet, it’s the most misinformed, confused wealth creation system.

Central bank doesn't fully understand it but it has made ordinary people Millionaires

And Billionaires within the shortest possible time.

You will be glad you
found this page today.

Because you’re about to find out what the wealthiest people in the world are using to multiply their money

And boycott the central system of keeping and multiplying money.

The best decision you’ll make is that you pay attention to every word you’ll read on this page, because it could be the difference between success and failure.

Before I forget, this wealth creation system is so simple that you can use your smartphone and the knowledge you’ll acquire on this page to start.

Plus, you can do it anywhere and any location you are

Just have four things:

Dear Friend, I have been waiting for long to meet you and tell you the beauty of this wealth creation and finally today you’re about to discover it.

I am pumped up and super excited mehn

Let’s go to it quick

Two things are happening in the world right now, ordinary people and even the richest people in the world are tapping into this new system acquiring wealth

And it’s so amazing that some people still don’t understand it.

And what is the system I am talking about? It is the wealth creation system in CRYPTO CURRENCIES

Yes, maybe you have been hearing about it before but you don’t know how it works.

This is what I am going to show you today.

You see, people like Elon Musk are using this system to multiply their money

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z who are buying up Bitcoin right left and centre

JP Morgan is not excluded, he even went far to teach his children crypto currencies and bought for them … that’s the power of this wealth creation system

Crypto Currencies Has Come To Stay

And The Best You Can Do is to get in now when the opportunity is still very much open

Let me tell you how I got involved

You know it happens that when the price of bitcoin rises and there's a very big uptrend in the market, a lot of people start talking about it, right?


In my school (University of Ibadan) it happened that they were talking about it when bitcoin was like $17,000 in late 2017... and I was like

"What's this bitcoin of a thing?"

People who know me well know that, once I hear of a thing, I don't always want to be told before I make my research,

so I'm a kind of person that uses Google very much

Once I hear something, if I don't know the meaning...straight to google

So that was what I did, I just typed bitcoin and that was my first contact with cryptocurrency (the 2 Trillion dollar wealth creation industry), and I was wondering

What kind of currency is it?"

So when the thing came up, I was not really impressed until some other time....

...the price came down and I was like this one that the price is coming down - this looked like a scam.

Yes, because I have heard and got involved in some online ponzi scheme before so I was scared.

That was my first impression with cryptocurrency and trading.

Even when I heard it, trading was not the first thing I got to know about, what I got to know was people buying and selling it for profit.

Exactly, you can buy and sell crypto currencies without trading it, more about that later

So I was like, you people can buy something and sell it back for a profit, like people buying dollars, you know those aboki

I was like this thing is interesting, and that was when I started showing a little interest in it

Then, I got to see the proof that this things is true from an online influencer that I love on Instagram and Facebook

He has been using Facebook for a very long time, talking about Crypto, then I saw his Instagram post...

He took screenshots of some of his old posts, like throwback posts on

Facebook when he was talking about the price of bitcoin and the current price overtime (like 5 years ago)

So I was wowed and now it was more than $17,000, then this should be a try out for many, that someone like me should try

So I started learning about it, first from different sources before I now bought books and courses and met my mentor...

Now, you may be thinking

"Who is this person?" and why should I listen to anything he has to say about cryptocurrencies well my name is

Muhammed Solahudeen popularly known as Arabtheplug

I am a crypto trader and investor.

I started trading crypto in 2018 like you read in my story and I have been able to make millions of naira from this financial market both as a trader and a long term investor.

I actually make millions every month from the market and I have trained more than 150 people who are Majorly people who did not have a

background knowledge of crypto and many of them are making millions from the crypto industry today.

Legendary From $200 to $1000

Whiz Horlar: I have seen
Him Make Millions

Somoto: I Grew My Portfolio
from $2,500 to #10,800

Tobi: Use Trading Set-Up
To Make Above $500

I also have a crypto signal room where I share trade setups, analysis and very important information about the market.

I’ve been able to travel to three countries through the profits I made from the market.

(Some Industrial Tour JPGs)

I am not bragging, I just want you to see the possibilities in this financial market, if you can embrace it today

You see a lot of people are afraid and missing out on the opportunity Crypto presents because of the misinformation around it.

People are asking those who don't know what Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are

It's just like blind man leading the blind... all of them are going to ditch

No matter how influential or knowledgeable someone looks, except he creates time to learn about Cryptocurrencies when he talks, he'll still misinform people.

And that's the stage of some people today… I know this because I was there, fear enveloped me, but thank God I didn't stay there for long

You see, the only regret they will have is that they didn't start early. That's my only regret.

Why? Because Crypto Currency Has Come to Stay

Financial Institutions, Banks, Companies and even countries are adopting it...

Bitcoin was once worth $434.46 and right now the value of bitcoin is $48,828 that means if you have 10 btc you will have $483,000

Just imagine, likewise people who are coming in now think they can't buy bitcoin again because the price has gone up but that's not true,

You don't need to have $49,000 to buy bitcoin and btc is in unit or (Satoshi) you can decide to buy any amount of unit you can afford even if it’s just $10

And you see, bitcoin is not the only most valuable cryptocurrency to invest in we have other currencies that are doing really well and have produced Millionaire and Billionaire

For example Ethereum that worth ($141) in 2018 and now worth ($2,932) it means if you bought 10 eth in 2018, you have ($27,000) now

And there are other good cryptocurrencies project to invest and trade with so that you can start making your money from this 2 trillion dollars industry

But before you start, there are two things you must do to succeed in the crypto space

If you can understand these things has stated, you're fast on your way to making your millions from crypto,

But I need you to know that crypto currencies can be volatile, what this means is that you should not invest more than you can afford

However, there are ways to reduce the impact of its volatility - is it called risk management.

Many people who have lost huge amount of money get in without understanding this,

And the worst thing a man can do is try to figure out Cryptocurrency industry all by himself, without proper training and mentorship.

I have seen people who lose their money in this instance and I have asked some people around why they are not taking advantage of this industry to multiply their money and create wealth

And their excuse boil downs to this…

They have been misinformed about it.

They don't know how and where to start, some of them don't even know where to buy it, not to talk of trading it.

And after so many trainings, courses worth thousands of dollars plus failure and Successes in between and helping more than 150 to become a millionaire via cryptocurrencies

I want to also help you get started in this industry today,

if you allow me... this is why I have prepared a special training and mentorship system to help you get started…it’s called

10X Cryptocurrencies Mastermind

The Highly Sought After Program that explain everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies step-by-step

The program is for anyone from beginners to experts on crypto currency.

The first model you’ll see when you join the program is

And that's not all, you'll also have opportunity to join the exclusive

10X Cryptocurrencies Community - This is the Billionaire Crypto Circle where you'll have access to other well trained crypto experts who are doing amazing well, remember the saying your network is your net worth good network await you here

You will also have lifetime access to Premium Signal room, where you'll have access to up to date Signal from when to enter to when to exit and proper risk management

For example, signal in our room are doing 100,000% and more

And you’ll be having access to Lifetime mentorship where I will take you inside and show you what separates Crypto Expert to rookies ones

This and more you’ll be getting in this 10X Crypto Currencies Mastermind Program

Now, How much are you investing in this exciting program? Looking at everything you are getting, definitely this worth 100,000 naira, right?

1. 10X Crypto Currencies Mastermind (Worth: N150,000)

2. Lifetime Access to signal room N20, 000 per month and 200,000 for a lifetime access

3. Complete Mentorship Worth N200,000

4. Access to training room where I come up live to share latest strategies with you worth N150,000

Total Value= N700,000

You're Paying Only

N100,000 naira Today

Please Note: You'll have access to the course immediately even if you paid 1:30am

As you can see, everything you need to succeed in the cryptocurrency industry is right before you.

You Have Nothing
To Lose But All to Gain

The thin line between where we are and where we want to be are the decisions we take on a daily basis.

And this will be one of your best decision to financial freedom

Imagine you don't have to worry of house rent expire

You can live in a place and environment you like and want any time.

Get the type of cloth and fashion you want.

You can now help family and friends as you desire to help

Because you now have enough money to do so

Plus, you can travel the world as you wish.

It's not just a prayer, it's a reality hundreds of people who follow the right knowledge of crypto trading are enjoying and this can be your reality.

We have been long here.

Plus additional bonuses to kick start your Crypto trading and investment today

I will see you on the inside

Thank you.

Muhammed Solahudeen (Arabtheplug)
Cryptocurrency Trader and Investor

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