If I show you the secret business that changed my life...

“You Can Start Making N150,000 Weekly Selling Products Without ever seeing or touching them

  • Its Not Network Marketing 
  • Its Not Affiliate Marketing
  • Its Not Ponzi Scheme
  • No Referral
  • No Website

And I will give you N30,000 in 30 days if it fails you

Letter From Uti peace,
Uyo, Nigeria.
Edited: 30th July, 2023

Dear Friend,

If you have never made 6-7 figures using just your phone/laptop before, then this is going to be the most important page you'll see today...

One thing has brought you here.  

You want something that can give you steady cash flow from the comfort of your home

Your life has become, “jump on one opportunity on the internet in one day and before the next one, you’re broke again”

If this is so, 
Then, as a fresh graduate with a N16M a year product selling business...

I am the best person to help you and in fact, 

I am vowing to give you 30,000 if you try what I will show you...

and it fails you like the others you may have tried.

So, I am going to help you but first

Let's start with some testimonies...shall we?

Before you continue reading this, I need you to Check to see if you are in any of the following categories

  • you've lost friends because whenever you call everyone assumes you either want to beg or borrow money
  • you are tired of setting new year resolutions every time but each year keeps looking exactly like the last year
  • you are tired of seeing people post about how they made this and that amount upandan on social media when you've never made one naira or not made much
  • you are tired of wasting money on so many things that promises you heaven and earth but always fall victim and lose the small money you managed to gather
  • you are sincere to yourself that you are BROKE and need help (there's no Shame in this)
  • you are ready to hit your first Million this year or Scale to higher numbers

If you answered yes to ANY of the questions at all, then today is the day you have always prayed about because what I am about to show you will CHANGE your mentality about how you see Money.

Today you will know that money is littered everywhere on the street of the internet and I will show you how to become a MONEY MAGNET

No be JUJU, No be JAZZ

Now, listen to me carefully while I cut this special soap for you

My name is Uti Peace and just a few months back I was exactly like you. In fact if broke-ness was a person, it was ME

And here is my story...

"I would rather die than sell my body for money", I screamed as I ran out of my friend's room crying like someone who had just been beaten up by Edo cultists.

Did I just say, my friend?... No, he wasn't, well before the incident I thought he was.

His name is Joshua but I called him Jay. I met Jay in the church I attended in school. Jay was my Christian brother. One I would run to whenever I was depressed or having any challenge and he would preach to me and give me some bible verses to help me through my trying times. I told bro Jay every single thing about myself.

He knows I'm from a struggling family and could barely keep up with basic needs like food. It was that bad but became worse in 2020 during the lockdown plus the ASUU strike.

I couldn't go home because my dad was in serious debt due to many businesses that went wrong and every day was drama with different angry clients.

My mum would cry endlessly every night. I always heard her. I couldn't bare the sight seeing her cry so bitterly and that's why I decided to go back to Uyo where I school to maybe "find something to do"

I tried everything I could think of. I started helping a neighbor sell beans and he would pay me 1k at the end of each workday. 1k ooooo, azin one thousand naira.

I didn't complain because it was better than doing nothing not until the day I was accused of theft. My boss misplaced 12,500 and accused me of taking it. I've never been that embarrassed all my life. I couldn't defend myself so I had to repay the money I didn't take with the little money I managed to save up.

I cried my eyes out.
It was really tough for me.

Since offline wasn't working quite well, I decided to try some of the online gigs I'd been hearing about. To be honest, I didn't have money for any capital so what I did was to help some people advertise their products on my WhatsApp status and if I get lucky and someone buys, I get paid 15% commission.

Lol, yes what you're thinking is correct
I was doing suffer head method of affiliate marketing

I didn't last in it because I was tired of people asking "how much" and when you tell them the price, they will say "I will get back to you" and disappear forever. It was frustrating.

On top of my many pains, oga landlord was on my neck as my house rent had expired for over 7 weeks.

I didn't know what to do. I cried out to bro Jay, my supposed Christian brother who I thought would maybe help me or lend me some money and he had the guts to suggest that I give his boss a try
His boss?
Somebody that clearly wants to sleep with me and use me?... God forbid

I refused his offer though the amount he was offering was mouth-watering but I was raised better.

In fact, one of my principles Is that "I WILL RATHER STRESS MY BRAIN THAN OVERWORK MY PUSSY"

I no dey form hard girl. I will do anything for money but selling my body is not on the list.

One night I was scrolling through Facebook (thanks to *406#, MTN night sub plan), and I saw a post by one random guy saying "If you want to learn how to make 100-300k monthly, type I AM INTERESTED in the comment section and I will DM you"

When I saw the post, I first laughed, followed by a very long Buhari - befitting hiss. In my mind, I said " Na them, scammers everywhere"

I scrolled past but the poverty in me said "Why not try it, who knows?".....then I scrolled back and reluctantly typed I AM INTERESTED and by the time I woke up the next morning, I saw a long text explaining a business model called E-commerce

Mumu me, I read and ignored the chat till after like 7 months. See ehhhh village people are real o

I saw an old friend posting flashy lifestyles way dey enter eyes upandan on Facebook. I asked him to show me the way and when he finally replied me (unto big boys level na) he told me all he did was basically to import cheap products from overseas and sell them online.

Ah ah
Just like that?
And you bought a Lexus worth 4.5M at just 23?

Think I'm making this up?
His name is Vincent David, you can check him out if you want to

That was the day I swore that I would do all it takes to learn about e-commerce and that was when I remembered the chat I ignored over 6 months ago.

See ehnnn...may you not be standing face to face with your breakthrough and not recognize it. Better say Amen o

Kai, if only I had known

Anyways, it wasn't late

I started reading, learning, researching, buying courses, and implementing.....2 and half months down the line I made my first 730k
It would have been less than 2 months oo, but I went through hell before I was able to raise the money to import my first product and I will show you how it happened.

See ehnnn, ignorance is truly a disease. Worse than corona and Ebola

I learned to play my cards right and soon I realized that most of the people who post big figures aren't lying after all. I just had a small mind, a mind of lack

I thought making 100k monthly was a scam but here I was, making 730k in gross profit on my first trial
Tell me a soap greater than this

I cried at the possibility that stood before me all this while without me being aware of it.

After my first hit, all that came out of my mouth was "FACEBOOK NA WINCH".....In fact I am tempted to want to call Mark Zuckerberg a beast

Like whatttttttttt???
Nigerians can actually pay over 20k for a product even in this Tinubu scarcity regime?

  • I'm just a year and 3 months in the business and the things I have done are things I thought I'd do maybe at 30
  • I have made well over 9.2 million naira in gross profit. Cleared half of my dad's debt and put my mum on monthly salary (which was one of my greatest desire)
  • I went from broke to rich without selling my body or doing yahoo in this tough country called Nigeria. Some people actually think that those are the only options and it hurts me so much

This is the reason I put together THE 0 - 1M ECOMM ROADMAP

  • I will teach you how to find problem solving products that people will always rush to buy
  • I will teach you how to buy a product for less than 1k and sell for up to 15k
  • I will teach you how to create a FREE website from scratch without having any tech skill
  • I will teach you how to make crazy sales with very small ads budget
  • I will teach you how to write copies that will make people beg to buy from you
  • With the process I will teach you, N150,000 weekly profit is very possible.

I took out the time to make this course because I know I can't help everybody but I can help as many that let me hold them by the hand and show them that making 500k monthly is child's play…

Hmm...What If You don't know anything about selling? 

Listen, you do not need any experience to be able to do this

I started out as a complete NEWBIE

The only thing, you need is your phone/laptop, data and the willingness to learn

This clearly makes this a risk-free opportunity.

You Know What? 

To Further Prove That This is Real...

I want you to hear what Copper Vicky has to say

There are more testimonies though…

  • I will hold you by the hands until you start seeing tremendous results
  • I will give you 3 hot products you can start with to make your first 350k

Okay. So What will I teach you?

Good Question.

This training is LOADED with 5 modules and 40 Lessons

  • MODULE 1
  • ● Introduction to Ecommerce
    ● Understanding Niches
    ● How to source for Hot Selling products both locally and
    ● How to import high-quality products from China at                   ridiculously low prices and sell online for high profit (over       500% ROI)
    ● Contact of my personal procurement and shipping                   company (Delivers within 2-E-commerce5 days)
  • MODULE 2
    ● How to buy a domain name and hosting for your website       (both paid and FREE)
    ● How to set up your website
    ● How to design a website from A-Z
    ● How to build a sales page that converts like fire
    ● How to get real-time testimonials and social proofs for           your sales page
    ● How to build a THANK YOU page
    ● How to build an Order Form
  • MODULE 3
    ● Introduction to Facebook Advertising
    ● How to build an optimized Facebook page
    ● How to create a Facebook Business Account
    ● How to find hidden interest in Facebook using a SECRET      tool
    ● How to conduct Audience Research
    ● How to run Facebook Ads that rake in over 500k monthly
    ● How to run a split test on Facebook to find out which ads     are performing better
    ● How to prevent your ads Account from EVER getting             Banned No matter your Niche using THE BLIND SPOT            method
    ● How to spy on your competitor's Ads and see what                they’re doing from A-Z to copy what works
    ● How to create Facebook pixel and link it to your website
  • MODULE 4
    ● How to organize your Ecomm Business
    ● How to get Trust worthy self Delivery Agents to work
    ● How to deliver a clients product in a very short time (1-2
    ● How to reduce the number of failed orders
    ● How to build your clientele and retain customers (Book         keeping)
    ● How to write copies that will make people BEG to buy            from you, no matter the price (sales copy, Ads copy, etc.)
    ● How to get the PRO version of Any WordPress Plugin for       FREE
    ● How to create high Converting Facebook Ads creative          (videos, pictures, thumbnails)
    ● Secrets to Targeting ONLY wealthy people on Facebook
    ● Contacts of ALL my Delivery Agents
    ● Journey to your first 500K (GUARANTEED

All of this means ONE THING...

"This Is only open to those who are ready to make a change in their financial Life."

Here's exactly what you're getting...

  • A well Structured Curriculum of High Quality Video Lessons
  • Materials, Lists of bulk buyers & Resources
  • Weekly Live Q/A Video Sessions
  • Community of other sellers who've bought this course

What is the Cost?

I am making you a deal you can't refuse

Look, I do not need to preach to you about how much of a difference this course will make in your life.

You know I CAN charge as much as N100,000 for this course and it will be very fair. 

Because look at:
In just two weeks,

You'll have people rushing to buy your products at a high price,

I mean 30 orders, 100 orders, etc

You'll no longer bother about expensive ads

You'll no longer bother about money

You'll begin to make money in the comfort of your home which even gives you capital to import more.

You'll begin to deliver fast and free.

SO charging a 100K is just so fair...

But I won't charge 100K.

For two reasons:

and it's not because I like you...

I don't even know you

So here's why: 

1. You may be skeptical if this thing will work.
Especially because you may have bought so many courses promising heaven and earth with zero results. 

So spending a whooping 100K will be too much to risk. 

Secondly, times are hard. 
It's not like you're making any serious money.
Otherwise, you won't be here.

So, I have decided that, if I truly want to help, the most I will take to give you access to the course is N50,000

And this will be on Sunday, Next Week. 

But, I like to reward fast action-takers.

For example, If I didn't take action quickly when I discovered this system of selling,

Perhaps, I will still struggle to pay off my dad's debt

I wouldn't even be bold enough to put my mum on salary [hahaha]

        SO, PAY ME...

N30,000 today


N50,500 (next week Sunday)

and if you think, its risky, 

I am including a...

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If after implementing what you find in the course and you don’t start getting massive orders and enjoy the other benefits in just...

30 days…

I will refund your money 100% and you can still keep the course.

Think about this:
The worst that can happen is you get your money back for wasting your time.


I fully understand that you are likely skeptical.
Cause the internet is littered with phony “gurus”.

Who sells you nothing more than empty promises.
These guys only make money when you buy their course - they don't actually practice what they teach.

So I don’t expect you to blindly take my word…
This is why, I'm passing the Microphone instead to real people like you who've gotten real-time results using my ecommerce system.

Meet Blessing, the lady who almost dropped out of school before she saw this opportunity that changed her life

This is a petroleum engineering student who decided to get this course and escape the rat race

Listen to Favor, a secondary school student who jumped on the opportunity to change her life

This is Mr phil, a 9-5 earner who needed a side hustle to make him consistent income (PS: I gave him a free book too)


This is no bluff.

Other than the price increasing to N50,500 by Next Week Sunday, This course will be pulled down pretty soon for...
One Major reason:

When I set out to launch this course, I only wanted to give it to 1,000 people and when we hit that number a few months ago, I took it down.
This really helped me focus on helping the 1,000 closely.

Now, we’re in the final batch of another 1,000 and already have 713 students.

All of this means one thing:
When we hit 1,000 which will happen pretty soon, I will take it down and never sell it again.

Thanks for coming by and take it easy.

Best Regards,
Uti peace.


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